Barrel Aged Foods That Tastes Great

The Chemistry Of Using Wooden Oak Barrels To Age Spirits

People from all over the world are barrel-aging food and drink. Barrel aged food has a unique flavor and barrel aging is one of the leading food trends. Here is a list of food and drink that can be aged in the barrel, so why not buy a mini barrel and join in the fun.

Barrel Aged Vanilla

Vanilla extract is rich and sweet. Pure Madagascan vanilla that has been aged in a Kentucky Bourbon barrel is perfect for drizzling over Greek yogurt and ideal for home baking.

Barrel Aged Pickles

Pickled foods are popular and pickles aged in Mc Kenzie Rye whiskey barrels taste amazing. Brooklyn Brine supply fine barrel aged food.  They are expert at aging butter pickles and maple-bourbon bread in Rye whiskey barrels.

Barrel Aged Tea

The Rare Tea Cellar in Chicago dry-age five of their specialty teas in Willet Rye barrels. The tea is placed into a barrel with some rooibos to create a unique flavor. Some say the tea tastes like it is laced with caramel and vanilla, while others say the specialty tea tastes like a hot toddy. Best-selling specialty teas include:

. Gingerbread Dream Rooibos
. 2001 Vintage Oak Barrel Aged Pu-erh
. Forbidden Forest Lapsang Souchong
. Hot Chocolate Pu’erh
. Chai

Barrel Aged Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is one of the best barrel aged food products on the market. Jamaican Pickapeppa sauce is aged in an oak barrel for twelve months to keep the peppered sauce sweet and dark. Aged hot sauce is more tasty because it is extra spicy.

Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a popular barrel aged food. The owners of Maplewood Farm, Indiana, place maple syrup into seven year old Kentucky Bourbon barrels to give the syrup a distinctive taste. However, the farm owners also age Maple syrup in three year-old Starlight Distillery Casks and fourteen year-old Tennessee rum casks.

Barrel Aged Mustard

Mustard is one of the finest barrel aged foods. Raye’s Stone ground mustard is put into a barrel for a short time to enhance the flavor and to encourage the product to mature.

Barrel Aged Tequila

The Colección de la Casa, Reserva 2013 is a supreme barrel aged drink. The spirit spends its first eleven months in an American Oak barrel and a further three months in a French Oak cask. Cask-finished Tequila has a unique multi-dimensional flavour, as do many barrel aged food and drink products.

Barrel Aged Gin

You can age gin in a Bourbon barrel to create the perfect tipple. Barrel aged gin has a unique flavor; the cool drink is laced with a trace of vanilla.

Create your own barrel aged food

If the idea of barrel aged food appeals, you may like to try aging beer, cocktails or vinegar at home. Charred barrels produce the best barrel aged food, so it is better to use a barrel that formerly contained spirits. For instance, the lining of an American oak barrel creates flavorsome barrel aged food.

A barrel aged food expert will tell you that other types of wood provide tasty barrel aged food and drink. However, a barrel with an aggressive char will enhance the favor further.

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