Barrel Aged Cocktails

barrel aged cocktail recipesThe same way you would age wine, to give character, aroma, complexity, and body, barrel aging cocktails has the same effect. Any type of aromatic cocktail can be aged, however, some do take to it a bit better than others. It always helps to have barrel aged cocktail recipes on hand.

We usually begin with something high proof to put into our barrel aged cocktail recipes, so our finished results will be more noticeable. We then age them anywhere from one month to six weeks. We use the smaller 1 or 2 liter oak barrels for the cocktails.

It’s just the same as aging any other type of spirits. You will notice that the cocktail, after aging, has darkened in color. Any strong or bitter flavors have all softened, and the alcohol ‘heat’ will have mellowed substantially. That is another good reason for starting off with a high proof spirit, and good barrel aged cocktail recipes.

We choose our barrels carefully, among the ones we have used previously for other liquors. That way, this new cocktail will be the beneficiary of the flavors from the aging that took place before it. It will add a new complexity and add some depth to the cocktail.

If you’ve never had the privilege to try a barrel-aged cocktail, made from one of our excellent oak aging barrels, you should make it a point to do so. They really are something special. Each individual barrel is unique, and will produce a different taste from every other batch.

There are specific things that take place within every aging process, that causes what you’re aging to stand out, and make people take notice. Using the oak barrels really creates not only great flavor and personality for the cocktails, but it is a platform unlike any other for creating particularly unique drink sensations. The oak barrels are absolutely necessary for properly creating these barrel aged cocktail recipes.

Cocktail aging is an art. Brewers of any kind of liquors or fine wines, who have made their mark in the world, understand the significance of the aging process. It is like a newborn baby, arriving already mixed with all it needs to be colorful and unforgettable. It just needs to go through the aging process in order to take on character, style, and uniqueness.

If you have found your interest has peaked since reading this article, then why not make it a point to go out at the next convenient opportunity, and create your own aged cocktail. You will not be disappointed in our unique small oak aging barrels.

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