6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wooden Barrels for Sale

For millennia, distillers have used oak barrels to store, ferment, and age their liquor. The structure of the wooden barrel minimizes the presence of oxygen, allowing for slow, controlled oxygenation that imparts color and stability. A range of chemical compounds in the wood also yields a specific flavor, texture, and aroma to the stored whiskey.…

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Just How Popular Is Bourbon Anyways?

United States whiskey, mainly bourbon, has been on the rise in sales this past decade. Bourbon sales have grown by 150%, according to various craft distilleries. In a survey in 2018, 32.52% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 said they drank whiskey, scotch, or bourbon at least once in the past…

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Why a Personalized Barrel is a Perfect Groomsmen Gift

personalized barrel

If you’re planning to get married soon, you may be getting ready to ask your friends or relatives to be groomsmen in your wedding party. It’s common nowadays to get your groomsmen gifts as you ask them to be in your wedding since it can be an experience that costs them both time and money,…

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What You Need to Know About Infusing Whiskey

Want to create the best gifts without breaking the bank? Try infusing whiskey. This is very easy, and with this simple hack, you can transform the old and familiar into something exciting that will make a great gift. The good thing about whiskey is that it is an infusion already. Most whiskey types start off…

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Everything You Need to Know About Aging Spirits

whisky barrels for sale

If your favorite spirit is whisky, it’s likely that you’ve already been looking at whisky barrels for sale to decorate with or to age your own spirits in. But have you ever wondered why spirits are aged in small oak barrels and other vessels? Or what types of spirits need to be aged? We have…

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Why A Whiskey Aging Barrel Makes the Perfect Wedding Gift

Your friends are tying the knot and you’ve been struggling with what to give them as a wedding present. While approximately 42 bottles of whiskey are exported from Scotland just about every second, there are lots of connoisseurs of whiskey. Therefore, you should consider gifting that special couple a whiskey aging barrel. Let’s delve into…

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4 Benefits of Using Oak Barrels To Age Your Wine (expert tips)

Oak barrels have been used for aging wine for more than 2,000 years. Oak barrels were first used for storage and transportation of wine. Soon, winemakers discovered that their wine acquired an enriched and unique taste the longer it stayed in the oak barrels. Therefore, vintners began using the oak barrels for aging wine. Aging…

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Why Small Whiskey Barrels Are Great Promotional Gifts For a Business

small whiskey barrels for sale

The state of Kentucky is home to Bourbon. In fact, the Bluegrass state crafts about 95% of the world’s supply. Only the state of Kentucky allows for the perfect natural combination of climate, conditions, and unfiltered limestone water — all of the elements which are necessary for producing the world’s greatest Bourbon. Given such, you…

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