Are You Looking For An Age Your Own Whiskey Kit?

Age Your Own Whiskey at Home in An Oak BarrelWhen most people are looking for a good bottle of whiskey, they head to their local liquor store and purchase the highest quality bottle that they can afford. While there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with doing things this way, there is a way for a person to enjoy a bottle of whiskey that is unlike anything they will find on store shelves. Best of all, an individual can take pride in knowing that the whiskey they are enjoying is something that they helped create.

Whiskey makers use oak barrels to age their whiskey and give it a unique combination of color and flavor that only oak can deliver. You can purchase aged whiskey and then age it even more a second time at home. You can also purchase what is known as “white dog” whiskey and age it exactly how you want it, to your taste. This type of whiskey gets its name thanks to its lack of any color. The lack of color also means that it has not been aged and is usually very high in alcohol.

In order to age this type of whiskey at home, an individual will first need an oak barrel. Fortunately, high-quality oak barrels can be purchased in a variety of different sizes, which means that just about anyone can try their hand at aging whiskey at home.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how long a whiskey should be aged in an oak barrel, but it is important to keep in mind that the smaller the barrel, the faster the whiskey will age. In most cases, one or two months should be adequate, but an individual can age their whiskey for as long as they like as long as they remember to occasionally rotate the barrel and periodically taste the whiskey to make sure that they are satisfied with how the process is going.