Are Alcohol Energy Drinks Safe?

alcoholic energy drinksMillions of people love to take an alcohol energy drink to get them going at different part of the day. However, the numerous reports of people getting hospitalized because of them are causing alarm among the general public. These malt beverages attract drinkers due to their popular fruit flavors. They combine caffeine with alcohol to create a potent punch. The Four Loko alcohol energy drink is getting much of the blame from health officials but plenty of other brands offer the same questionable mix.

It was reported that 9 teenagers with ages ranging from 17 to 19 passed out at an off-campus party in Washington after consuming the alcohol energy drink. They were immediately rushed to the hospital and speculation about the cause floated from all corners. After all, having that many people passing out at the same time seemed odd.

Falling Unconscious Due to Alcohol Energy Drink

Thorough investigation led authorities to believe that it was a simple case of overdrinking. Their blood alcohol levels were at a dangerous 0.12 to 0.35 range. Conditions were so bad that a girl nearly died because of it. Their beverage of choice turned out to be none other than Four Loko which came in sizeable 23.5 oz cans. They were 12% alcohol with 135 milligrams of caffeine thrown in. The combination is so potent that it has been compared to having 12-oz beers, 5 of them in succession, chased by a strong cup of coffee.

Lethal Combination of Alcohol Energy Drink

Caffeine delays the onset of that drunken feeling so people tend to keep consuming the alcohol energy drink long after they have reached their threshold. They feel active throughout the session until their bodies snap and they fall unconscious. The caffeine prevents the body from mounting its natural defense mechanisms against alcohol poisoning because the effects are being masked until it reaches a critical level. Doctors warn that this is an extremely dangerous mixture that should not be taken lightly.

The Government Steps In

The FDA has written to alcohol energy drink manufacturers and challenged them to present evidence to clear their name. They were order to explain why they thought that the mixture would be safe for consumers given the recent findings. Four Loko’s response is that an alcohol energy drink is no more dangerous than consuming a cup of coffee after a hearty meal with alcohol. Manufacturers are also under fire for marketing their products to teenagers by attracting them with fruity flavors. They deny these claims.

Benign Packaging of Alcohol Energy Drink

Experts are concerned about the alcohol energy drink marketing as it makes them seem like just another non-alcoholic beverage. People can easily mistake them for a safe product and overdose without knowing it. In fact, there are plenty of buyers who were shocked by the news as they did not realize that the cans in their refrigerator contained alcohol. Most thought that they merely bought an energy drink to keep themselves awake.