American White Oak Barrels For Aging Spirits

Charred White American Oak Barrels For Aging Wine and Liquor

Charred White American Oak Barrels For Aging Wine and Liquor

Spirits that are aged in charred American White Oak barrels mature more quickly than those that get aged in non-charred or toasted barrels. The process of charring used for new barrels most assuredly adds to the proper aging of spirits.  Some distillers insist on American white oak barrels. This type of barrel functions as a type of activated-carbon filter, absorbing the sulfur compounds in addition to serving as a passage for this alcohol in and through the pores of oak wood.

In the United States, the process of full-depth barrel charring (i.e., 1/8 inch) that is used in aging. American white oak barrels create a significant difference. Even though over-charring can destroy certain flavors needed to complete the aging process of spirits. Consequently, toasting or using a light char seems to be a better route, though it is currently illegal to age whiskey via any other method but fully charred barrels.

The aging process requires the heavier char to completely burn any wood compounds that form at a low or medium char heat. American white oak barrels that are charred barrels result in a very deeply colored spirit that receives a greater ester production. It has been discovered that lighter flavored spirits, such as malt whiskey from Canada, get overpowered by the new charred oak barrels. Because of this, these spirits are aged in once-used bourbon wooden barrels in order to produce a more balanced flavor.

Oak chips (or staves) that are toasted can be introduced in order to increase lignin and vanillin, which alters the aging process. Since toasted chips added to whiskey barrels is presently legal in the U.S., they are frequently used by distilleries making bourbon in order to introduce a sweetness to the whiskey that is mellower. Since fully charred barrels of bourbon whiskey can only be produced by United States law a certain way, it is essential that distillers complete the process correctly. American White Oak barrels for storage greatly improves the process of spirit taste and storage.

The good news is that American white oak barrels which are charred barrel storage adds to the vanillin, spice, honey, viscosity, color, and a plethora of other great flavors to whisky. The increased whiskey profile can be quickly detected by the experienced consumer.


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