American Rye Whiskey

American Rye WhiskeyThe truth is that very little people know what goes into making American whisky. Manufacturers pride themselves on rye whisky made locally but the actual taste and manufacturing process is considerably different from any other country. Traditionally, whiskey is almost similar to silver rums and vodkas. To alter the taste, this flavored base spirit is filtered through several layers to form whiskey that is flavored with an almost beery taste. Whiskey drinkers are very familiar with this beer-like whisky that is commonly retailers as Scotch or Irish Whisky. On the other hand, corn based whisky has a light sweetness and less fruitiness that results in clearer and simpler tasting Bourbon or Tennessee whisky.

What makes Rye Whiskey different?

Rye-based whisky has a completely different taste and it is this taste-base that makes it unique to drinkers from all over the world. The exact taste can be compared to bread. White bread tastes different from whole wheat and both these varieties are dramatically different in taste from rye bread. Similarly, rye bread is difficult to make and flavor as compared to white and brown bread and this is the reason why rye whisky is so unique in taste and price. In this article, we are assessing the taste of three different rye whiskies just to understand how they taste on and off the rocks.

Jack Daniels — The JD has a strong maple and banana taste but a tarry aftertaste that people might not like. A little ice hides the tarry aftertaste. We particularly recommend JD for cocktails/

Templeton — This has a lovely lingering taste of vanilla and honey but the ice seems to drown out taste, flavor and fragrance. The Templeton combines well only with lemon and ginger ale.

Cody Road Rye— This is a younger Cody Road Rye brand but it is lovely with an oak finish. Ice helps the Cody Road Rye taste a lot with brown sugary tastes coming up. This is good with cocktails but we recommend you make an informed choice while using Cody Road Rye in cocktails.

The bottom line of rye
All three brands are great. We used the MRDC set of batch notes while assessing these three brands and it helped to compare the whiskies and to sort them out into different batches. All three brands were grown from grain that came from the Wherry Brothers farm located in Fulton, Illinois. However, there is a clear distinction in how they should be consumed. The JD is perfect for everyday drinkers not picky on taste. For whisky snobs, the Cody Road Rye is perfect neat, with ice and in cocktails. Ideally, cost-wise the Cody Road Rye is perfect for almost all users in taste, flavor, cost and affordability. The Templeton is perfect for its aged notes and to drink neat but it’s not a good idea to combine the taste with ice or cocktails.

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