All About Tequila Types

What is Tequila Made From Blue Agave PlantA plata or blanco (“white” or “silver”) is usually an un-aged, clear tequila type. Generally bottled either immediately or just after distillation, it is the purest tequila type, which features a strong presence of raw and/or roast agave flavors. Blancos can be “rested” by law, for a period of up to 60 days. There are some persons who find blancos to be very aggressive, and a well-made one can be subtly complex, with vegetal, citrus, floral and mineral flavor notes. The purists have a preference for blancos, as it is not possible to disguise any flaws in the raw distillate, as can occur with aging.

A tequila type is considered a reposado (“rested”), if it has been aged in American oak barrels for a period of at least two months. The aging process imparts flavor and color to the tequila, adding notes of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, oak, whiskey and nuts, while smoothing it out. The best-selling tequila type in Mexico is the reposado.

Another tequila type is an añejo (“aged”) tequila, which would have been aged for at least one year in oak barrels. Añejos generally trade in most of their agave essence for oaky features, after it has spent so much time in the barrel. While obviously a tequila type, añejo resembles more closely a Scotch or cognac, than it does a blanco. Simultaneously, for tequila drinkers, it is the most accessible.

Extra-añejos, another tequila type are usually aged in oak barrels, for at least three years and perhaps sometimes for up to five. The best ones are sometimes mistaken for brandies or whiskies, in blind tastings.

Yet another tequila type referred to as gold or joven (“young”), usually but not necessarily, is a mixto which contains coloring as well as other additives. One hundred percent agave golds comprise of a blend of blanco with one or more other tequila type.

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