Aging Red Wine In An Oak Barrel

Wine Tastes Better Aged in Oak BarrelsMost wine aficionados already know that the best wines are allowed to mature in barrels made from oak. What a lot of people do not understand, however, is why.

Even after the fermentation process has completed, the wine is still not ready to drink. In order to deliver the delicious taste and smell that wine lovers expect, the wine must first be allowed to age for a period of time. How long the wine is allowed to age and in what type of container will depend on the type of wine that a manufacturer is creating and their own unique specifications. There are two main reasons that manufacturers choose oak barrels for this part of the process.

The first reason is to allow a gradual oxidation and maturation. Allowing the wine to complete this process slowly decreases how stringent it is and increases the color of the wine. This is especially true if a red wine is being produced.

The second reason for aging wine in oak barrels is because oak, unlike other materials, adds unique flavors to the wine. This results in a wine that has a more complex taste. The oak flavors are especially preferred in red wines, although it is not uncommon to find white wines that have also been aged in this way.

Although it is more difficult to age wine in oak barrels, mainly due to the occasional leaks and the extra effort necessary in order to keep them sanitized, the added flavor and unique nature that oak delivers is often preferred by wine lovers. Of course, there are even differences between oak barrels from different parts of the world, with American, French, and Hungarian oak being the most common. At Red Head Oak Barrels we use the finest American White Oak barrels hand made right here in Texas.

Individuals looking to try their own hand at aging wine will find that oak barrels are not only affordable, but an interesting addition to their home.

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