Aging Moonshine or Un-Aged Whiskey At Home In Your Own Oak Barrel

Old Smokey moonshine aged in a barrelOne of my new favorite drinks to try is moonshine.  Also known as white lightning, mountain dew, hooch, and Tennessee white whiskey. Just go to your local liquor store and  you will find several options to choose from. They all have a unique flavor and taste and still allow you to influence the taste with your oak barrel.

If you have ever seen the TV show Moonshiners on the Discovery Channel you may recognize their moonshine on your local liquor store shelves. They have several different flavors available including Apple Pie, Blackberry, Cherries, Lemon Drop, While Lightening and Original Old Smokey.  My favorite is the Original Old Smokey flavor since I am  not much of a fruit whiskey kind of guy although I have to say I haven’t tried them either.  Old Smokey is 100 proof and right out of the bottle can be a bit strong.  After pouring a bottle in one of my Red Head Oak Aging Barrels and letting it age for about 6 weeks the color is a nice brown tea color. The flavor is smooth and delicious. (read my review)

firefly moonshine aged in an oak barrelI recently came across another good moonshine. Firefly Moonshine.  They also come in all the flavors like Caramel, Peach, Apple Pie and others but I went with the White Lightening.  It is 100.7 proof (to be exact) and it is quite tasty right out of the jar. By the way the mason jars most all the moonshines come in adds to the “Moonshine Experience“. I almost wanted to put it in my trunk and drive fast down all the back roads home from the liquor store. I poured the Firefly Moonshine in one of my 1 liter Oak Barrels. It’s only been in there a couple weeks but I can’t wait to taste the finished liquor in about another month.

Here’s an idea.  Try aging some moonshine in an oak barrel that had previously been used to age another whiskey, like Irish whiskey, bourbon, scotch or even wine or sherry.  I put some Irish Moonshine in a barrel that I had let Sherry soak in to for about a week. (See the article  here) I call this Age-After.  Your previous liquor is still in the barrel crevices and now it is influencing the taste of your new liquor. Now your having fun with it.  Have fun out there and try something new this Christmas season.