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Whiskey should never be served at a temperature such as 35 degrees. The wood oils will congeal at that temperature. Actually, the flavor of whiskey is lost whenever the temperature dips below 50 degrees. Keep in mind that the whiskey oils are aged to perfection, along with the cask to ensure that the flavor is locked in. Whiskey stones are made to reduce the bite without watering down the flavor. Keep it Cold, but Do Not Dilute with Whiskey Stones

How To Use Whiskey Stones – All you have to do is freeze your whiskey stone, put it in your glass with no more than 2-3 ounces of your liquor. Allow it to stand for five minutes and drink. The Whiskey stone comes in an attractive bag that has a drawstring.



WhiskeyDisks™ chill a measure of liquor without diluting complex flavors. Simply freeze, then  add to your next drink.

These unique branded whiskey stones are made of an advanced technical ceramic used by NASA in thermal protection applications. This highly durable material has outstanding chilling power and allows for crisp, clear, full color branding. Our in-house design team stands ready to help deliver your brand with extraordinary impact.

WhiskeyDisks™ meet all guidelines for California Proposition 65 and are made from a substance

that is Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

WhiskeyDisks™ are non-porous, have neutral taste, and are proudly made in the USA.

The soapstone disc or whiskey stone is ideal for the person who wants a spirit that is chilled, but not diluted. Since it is soft and does not damage most glasses, soapstone does a great job of keeping drinks cold. Whiskey stones also have properties that allow them to maintain your drink’s chilled temperature for a longer duration of time. Drinking your favorite liquor with whiskey stones makes the experience much smoother.

You can also upgrade with a Whiskey Stone Gift set by adding a few other drinking necessities such as a flask set or whiskey glasses.

Why Use Whiskey Stones and not Regular Ice?

Whiskey stones should be used with premium whiskey because they maintain the temperature at 50 degrees, which is perfect for top shelf spirits. Ice, on the other hand, can turn spirits colder than necessary. They also tend to dilute spirits, which ruins the taste.

There is also the amount of ice that is needed to cool down a drink. Even a large amount of ice cubes will drop the temperature to 40 degrees or a little lower. Avoid this by using whiskey stones. Ice is good if you want to freeze your drink very fast. However, there are drinks that should not be diluted or frozen, and whiskey stones should be used for those drinks. Scotch, Whiskey and Bourbon are three just to name a few.

A lot of spirits get their flavor from the barrels that they are aged in. The oils seep into the liquid as time goes by. They account for a large portion of the flavor. Many of these oils will disappear because of the alcohol, but they will congeal if the temperature of the spirit falls below a particular degree. When it comes to aging alcohol, temperature plays a major part. A little bit of coldness can make whiskey taste much better; however, if it is too cold, this can totally ruin the flavor. Using whiskey stones makes it easy to avoid these problems. Never put premium liquor in a place that is below 45 degrees. Also, never add large amounts of ice cubes to premium liquor. This, too, can totally destroy the taste. This is why it is best to use whiskey stones with premium liquor.

The most common ways to serve premium scotch, whiskey or bourbon is either without ice cubes or with water. When it is served without ice, a lot of bourbons, scotches or whiskies have quite a bite to them. A lot of liquor connoisseurs agree that it is best to chill premium liquors in order to get rid of the hot flavor that results from the ethanol and the aging process. When liquors are served with water, they have cask strength. When diluted, this negatively impacts the flavor of liquor. It is hard to determine what happens exactly, but people in the industry have a better understanding of what goes on. But, whiskey stones can help. If you buy liquor at cask strength, there is no need to put water in it.

A majority of bottled whiskey is diluted with water in order to take the edge off. This makes it cheaper to produce and takes the bite out of the flavor. There is about 40 percent of alcohol in this type of whiskey. So, this means that you should never put this type of liquor in a place that falls below 40 degrees. Also, you do not want to put too much ice in it. This is why you should use whiskey stones instead of ice cubes. Adding regular ice is not the ideal way to chill liquor. Whiskey stones will make it better. It is also not a good way to add water either. Ice ruins the taste because the whiskey is either too cold or watered down. This is why whiskey stones are the best way to enjoy liquor.

All in all, when whiskey, bourbon or scotch is chilled, it provides a wonderful drinking experience. Because most of us buy bottled whiskey, we are already accustomed to drinking liquor that has been watered down in order to take off the edge. Whiskey stones are designed to give you the chill without watering down your premium liquors. We like to say that you should drink your liquor without ice cubes, but use whiskey stones to get rid of the hot bite that comes along with drinking liquor. They are the best way to solve this problem.

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    My two barrels arrived today. These are worlds above the junk I bought on eBay. Thank you. They’re curing now, but showing almost no leaking. Question… that little “sample” that came in a small bottle… is that “real”? I’m hoping yes, and I’ll pour it into a glass with a cold whisky stone… 🙂

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