Used Whiskey, Bourbon and Wine Barrels – Full Size 53 Gallon

We have in stock quite a few used whiskey barrels. These are barrels that were used by distilleries such as Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Heaven Hill, Jameson, TX Bourbon and others. We can’t guarantee any particular distillery branded barrels in stock since we sell them as we get them. We have several barrels with logo painted on the side of the barrel and they sell for $120.

THIS ITEM WILL NOT SHIP. Local Pick up at our Wylie, Texas warehouse location only. We do not ship them. Choose “Local Pickup” for the shipping option when checking out.

Some people use them to make furniture, wedding decor, or just about anything around the house. We also rent them. Call or email for details. 469-969-0449 –



After serving their noble purpose of aging whiskey or bourbon to perfection, used barrels embark on a second life, captivating artisans and enthusiasts alike with their potential for transformation. From furniture to culinary delights, the versatility of these barrels knows no bounds.

One of the most popular reincarnations for whiskey and bourbon barrels is as furniture pieces. The rich hues and intricate wood grains make them ideal for crafting unique pieces such as chairs, tables, and even bar stools. These furnishings not only add a touch of rustic charm to any space but also serve as conversation starters, showcasing the barrel’s storied past.

Another creative endeavor involves repurposing barrels into barbecue smokers. The oak wood imparts a distinct flavor to meats, infusing them with the smoky essence of aged spirits. Whether used whole or as wood chips, these barrels add depth and complexity to grilled dishes, delighting the palates of barbecue enthusiasts everywhere.

Additionally, the staves of whiskey and bourbon barrels find new life as decorative accents or functional items. From wall art to serving trays, these staves lend their unique character to a variety of creations, enhancing both form and function.

Beyond aesthetics, the oak from these barrels is often recycled into other products, such as flooring or kitchen utensils, further extending their usefulness and reducing waste.

Furthermore, for those with a green thumb, whiskey and bourbon barrels make excellent planters for flowers or herbs. The porous wood allows for proper drainage while adding a touch of rustic charm to gardens or patios.

In essence, the journey of a whiskey or bourbon barrel doesn’t end with its contents poured and enjoyed. Instead, it takes on new life, inspiring creativity and ingenuity in those who see its potential. Whether transformed into furniture, culinary delights, or garden accents, these barrels continue to enchant and delight, weaving their rich history into the fabric of everyday life.


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