Replacement Spigots

American white oak barrel replacement spigots. Ensure that your barrel is pouring the cleanest aged spirits with a new spigot designed for your vessel. Our current barrel spigot sizes are listed below. Be sure to check the hole size.

Spigot Sizes:

1, 2, 3 & 5 liter Spigot fits hole size 1/2″
10 and 20 liter Spigot fits hole size 3/4″



White American oak barrels can be used over and over again. A spirit leaves its mark each time the liquid is aged inside the flavor infusing vessel. This can add even more depth and character as the barrel shares flavors with its inhabitants. A whiskey that is aged inside a barrel that just finished aging brandy will take on some of the previous liquors qualities, and so it goes. The barrel can keep going, but that spigot should be replaced time and again.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Spigot Size

Small Spigot (1,2,3 & 5L), Large Spigot (10 & 20L)

11 reviews for Replacement Spigots

  1. Tom Turner (verified owner)

    My daughter bought me a barrel from another company, and the spigot was not worthy. I found Red Head Barrels and purchased two spare spigots. I bought them because I liked the way they looked. The moment I replaced the other spigot, no leakage. So happy. Function was impressive. I definitely recommend Red Head Barrel spigots.

  2. davidjstagg (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 new spigots as my old barrel from another company had it split down the center right away. The spigots arrived REALLY fast within a few days and went in easily and I have had no leaks. Great job and thank you.

  3. sirknightday (verified owner)

    I ordered a new spigot for one I had worn out. It came much quicker than I expected it to and it did the job or perfectly sealing my barrel. This saved me the money in having to buy a whole new barrel and I also did not want to replace it for sentimental reasons. While it may seem like an odd comment this barrel means a lot to me personally. My wife was very thoughtful and bought it for my birthday for me in 2019 and she passed away this year unexpectedly. I am not looking to bring the mood down but instead seeing this barrel in my kitchen daily makes me smile and brings back the positive memories of her. I will definitely come to you next time a need an additional barrel. Thanks for the great product and service!!

  4. philnau (verified owner)

    Ordered a spigot for a cider barrel from another company that came without one. Listed specifications worked well for the 20L barrel size. No leaks after seasoning and releases fluids well. Will come back for more products in the future – a good place for barrels and components!

  5. Graham (verified owner)

    I ordered a new spigot to replace a worn out one. Your quality was awesome and the service was really fast. I received the order in a few days and the follow up from you guys was great. I will definitely be ordering more from you. 5 star service. I will use RedHead again for any barrel needs

  6. kenneth.wall (verified owner)

    Thank you for the very quick delivery, worked great. Can’t wait to get a few more barrels and start aging a few different whiskeys.

  7. digital_snow (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the quick delivery! Works great with my barrel…much appreciated!!!

  8. bethany.l.johns

    I am ever amazed at the speedy response to every question send via email and helpfulness for concerns while I figure out the ins & outs of Whiskey barrel aging.
    I wish every company upheld this kind of customer service!

  9. Willaim (verified owner)

    Cracked a spigot while tapping it in (I was careful!), ordered two spares from RedHead. Shipping was fast and accurate and the part fit perfectly. Will use RedHead Again.

  10. mshuffield71 (verified owner)

    I recently ordered a new spigot to replace a worn out one . Your quality was awesome and the service was super fast. I received the order in 2 days and the follow up from you guys was great . I will definitely be ordering more from you . 5 star service.

  11. GERALD (verified owner)

    I actually ordered this to replace a bad spigot on a Barrel that was given to me for x-mas. No comparison in quality between the 2, yours is a quality product, the other, well lets just say it did not last for 1 week! Thanks for the fast shipping and look forward to trying some of your other fine looking products.

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