Replacement Bungs

Replacement bungs for your oak aging barrels.

Bung Sizes

1, 2, 3, and 5 liter barrel bungs fit a hole size of 5/8″
10 and 20 liter barrel bungs fit a hole size of 3/4″



Bung is a funny sounding word, but it is a vital part of the spirit aging process. Oak barrel aging is unique because the process allows the liquid to breathe a little bit of oxygen, but this oxygen is carefully controlled. Too much air and the spirit could oxidize prematurely. This would ruin the new batch of deliciously aged liquor. The bung is the cork that seals the hole in the barrel; a hole known as the bunghole. It is essential for the bung to have a tight seal so it can keep out all that air and allow the liquid to age properly.

Here is a tip on inserting your bung into the bung hole:

Be sure when you put the bung in the bung hole to place it at about a 45 degree angle while twisting and pressing the bung against the side of the bung hole to help preserve the gasket from pushing up and off the bung.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
bung size

large bung, small bung

3 reviews for Replacement Bungs

  1. pjones (verified owner)

    Steve, once again you raise the bar. I ordered 2 replacement bungs, a 2 LT barrel and 6 essences. not only did everything arrive on time and perfectly packaged, I was surprised with a couple of gifts. your store has become my “go to” . I have a few “buddies” that ask about my barrels, I take them instantly to and watch them browse around. Yes there are less expensive barrels on the market, I warn those who are pondering, I now have two 2LT barrels, both sealed within minutes, spend the extra $10, you wont be sorry

  2. tmuffsfl (verified owner)

    I ordered a new bung, because the barrel we have didn’t have one. The ordering process was easy and efficient. The customer service and their communication is outstanding! My purchase was of a minimal amount but the company treated me as if I spent thousands, they appreciate all customers and it shows. I would recommend them and plan on being a repeat customer.

  3. Graham (verified owner)

    I ordered some new Bungs. The service was great. I received the order in a few day. They fit great and the quality is amazing they fit perfectly in the 2 Liter barrels I have. I will definitely be ordering more from you. 5 star service. I will be using RedHead again for any barrel needs.

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