1 Liter (.25 gallons) Whiskey Liquor Flavoring Kit

Now you can make your own whiskey flavored alcohol right at home in your own charred oak barrel. All whiskies get 100% of their color and over 50% of their flavor from the oak barrel. Just add our essence to your unflavored vodka or other neutral spirit and age in the barrel until you have reached the flavor you like. It may only be a week or it could be a couple months. We like the flavor in about 3-4 weeks but it’s totally up to you.

Each 1 liter Whiskey Flavoring Kit includes everything listed below:

  • 1 Liter White American Charred Oak Barrel
  • Barrel stand, bung, spigot, paper funnel, instruction card
  • Red Head Barrel Logo shot glass
  • 1 – 20ml bottle of Whiskey Liquor Essence Flavor of Your Choice

Use the 1 liter oak barrel multiple times. It will last for years. Be sure to get extra essence bottles to make multiple batches.


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The 1 liter liquor flavoring kit is a great way to get awesome whiskey flavored liquor in just a few weeks. It usually takes years to get this kind of flavor in the distilleries. But with our small oak barrels they age in weeks to get the same flavor. You can add other enhancers to mix it up and get the taste the way you like it. It is easy to make and anyone can do it. Just mix the essence and liquor in the barrel, give it a shake and let it sit. Add some personalization with our laser engraving and it will make the perfect gift for that special someone. Our essences are created utilizing normal concentrates and natural oils. This item does not contain liquor. Pick your favorite whiskey taste and bring a party to your tongue. This whiskey liquor flavoring kit comes with a 1 liter barrel. The barrel will provide 100% of the color and over half of the flavor. The longer you leave it in the barrel the more smooth flavor you get. The instructions are included with the kit and easy to follow.

Here are the step by step instructions on how to use the Whiskey Making Kit? and Liquor Flavoring Kit

All Red Head Oak Barrels are 100% Guaranteed or your money back

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in
Essence Flavors

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92 reviews for 1 Liter (.25 gallons) Whiskey Liquor Flavoring Kit

  1. jaceseven0 (verified owner)

    Since getting into drinking Whiskey/Bourbon, I have been looking for better flavors. I ordered this kit with the Canadian Rye essence and the first batch that was produced was Fantastic!! If it is your first order, I suggest getting the repair kit to go along with any barrel since the sealing wax stops leaks from being impatient with the curing process.

    The 1 liter barrel that was ordered was filled with 1050 ml of liquid, right to the very top. The angels share was about 50~75 ml after two weeks. Remember to filter the contents through a coffee filter (about 1 hour) before drinking unless you like drinking little bits of charred oak barrel not previously washed out.

    It might be time to order another barrel to do two different flavors at one time.

  2. rayduplechain

    My wife purchased this for me as a Christmas present. Loved it so much I ordered a second one. I now have two barrels going with different mixture in each. Waiting patiently for them. 🙂

  3. jtpkep8883

    Thanks to Steve and everyone at RHB for great products.
    Now on my third barrel and learning as I go. First batch made with the Tennessee whiskey essence and Taaka is very good. A couple of lessons learned. First, let the barrel cure for a full 6 days because with the plug in place there is little air pressure inside and you cannot be sure curing is complete and all leaks are sealed. Next, humidity has been very low and, on barrels 2 and 3, I have been wrapping the barrels in a warm, damp
    dish towel for an hour or so every three days to minimize evaporation.
    One final thing: Watch all the youtube videos – great information.

  4. noonie50 (verified owner)

    Great products, fantastic Customer service, Red has my business.

  5. jmpmstr (verified owner)

    I’m a little late on this review (got my kit about 6 / 7 or so weeks ago), but wanted to see how my first attempt turned out first before leaving the review. I just finished my first batch of Kentucky flavored Whiskey using Red Head Barrels products with the suggested Taaka Vodka, and I must say, that I am very pleased with the results. I ordered a custom engraved, 5 liter barrel, Red Head Liquor Flavoring Kit. They managed to clean the image up and the engraving came out very nice. The barrel itself is a very nice and well-made barrel that draws a lot of attention from guest. The turnaround was fast and I had no issues what so ever with leaks. I could have started using the barrel right out of the box, but erred on the side of caution, and let it sit for a couple of hours just to make sure. With this being my first attempt, I tasted the liquor every week, with bottling on the 51/2 week mark. I was able to bottle a total of (5) 750ml and about a 1/4th of another one from the 5 liter barrel. The second batch is being aged as we speak. After I become more comfortable with the process, I am going to let the batch age for longer periods of time, switching from the Taaka Vodka to a pure grain alcohol mix. All in all, great product. Will be ordering from again very soon. Thanks.


  6. Justin DiGiacinto (verified owner)

    Having a blast with this! Experimenting with some different ideas and flavors. Actually had work buddies that prefer my mixture over their “regular” choice. So far, the most preferred is half Canadian Rye and half single malt Scotch with one toasted oak enhancer. Made a batch on accident, and everybody seems to like it better. Anyway, thanks so much for your product. Only problem is, I’m gonna have to upgrade to the bigger barrel. I’m getting too many requests for my smaller barrel to keep up!! Thanks again,

    Justin – Oklahoma

  7. Stephanie Musumeci (verified owner)

    My husband loved his 3 liter barrel that I got for him for Father’s Day!! Thank you Dustin (from Red Head Barrel) for helping me choose which size barrel to get and flavor enhancer to pick!!

  8. JJ (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a 5L liquor infusing kit for myself, my dad, and brother to work on. Being new to the process I had tons of questions and was astounded with the quick response and detailed tips that I received from Steve himself. They have made the process of buying my first barrel so easy and effortless. We have recently just tried our first batch and honestly I couldn’t tell the difference between our homemade batch and a store whiskey. It has been so much fun to start this process the worse part is waiting for it to age because you just want to try it all the time. But overall this is a spectacular company and are amazing with their customer service and making sure everything you receive is on time and it works perfectly. Can’t wait to try so many different things with my barrel.

  9. TAYLOR (verified owner)

    I purchased this kit as a birthday gift to myself! To start, this kit comes with everything you need, it is a complete kit for sure. The process of curing and getting the barrel started is clearly laid out and easy to follow. As far as how my bourbon turned out. it was way above expectations!! I looked into how bourbon is made and the different mash bills and created my own. I actually mixed three different vodkas in my barrel with the bourbon essence. I used corn, wheat, and rye vodkas. The mixture ended up working great and the barrel worked perfectly. I let mine sit for 3 months the first batch and I am currently making my second.

  10. Sean (verified owner)

    I purchased the Red Head Liquor Flavoring Kit as a Christmas present for myself… The product was shipped fast with excellent and unexpected updates provided by Red Head Customer Service. Everything was well packed and if you follow the video instructions, you will be aging whiskey in less than a couple hours. My barrel cured within 1 hour and I mixed my first batch. Within 10-days, my bourbon was ready to drink and tasted as good if not better than anything you can buy in liquor stores. I am letting this batch age a few more days to be sure. I like the videos and several product options. I really like the fact this is a Veteran Owned business. I will be back for more stuff very soon. Thanks and God Bless!

  11. Angela (verified owner)

    I love this product. I’ve looked around at alot of other companies but you were the one that drew me in. Such great customer service and value and so many options to choose from. My husband will love this gift. He’s wanted one for a while now. I know we will be return customers. The engraving looked fabulous and turnaround time was so fast. You are a fantastic business. I have already recommended you to friends and I know one of them has ordered and received their barrel already for a gift. Thanks so much!! ???

  12. Angela (verified owner)

    I love this product. I’ve looked around at slot of other companies but you were the one that drew me in. Such great customer service and value and do many options to choose from. My husband will love this gift. He’s wanted one for a while now. I know we will be return customers. The engraving looked fabulous and turnaround time was so fast. You are a fantastic business. I have already recommended you to friends and I know one of them has ordered and received their barrel already for a gift. Thanks so much!! ???

  13. Sarah (verified owner)

    I have NEVER purchased from a company that has better customer service than Red Head Oak Barrels! I was blown away by how quickly my custom orders were started, finished, and delivered and they look phenomenal. I will definitely be purchasing from here for a long time to come and I am so happy to find such a well-run, exceptional, and unique business.?

  14. Amanda (verified owner)

    Such a great gift idea! The personalization on the barrel that I ordered turned out better than I imagined and my fiance was thrilled with the gift! Can’t wait to taste the first batch!

  15. jnnylaw

    My wife bought me ann engraved barrel for our anniversary. I’m hooked. Everything came quick I am told and my first batch is tasty.

  16. Edward (verified owner)

    I bought the 2 liter kit to start experimenting with making my own bourbon and these barrels are worth every penny. The engraving came out great and love showing the barrel off to people when they come over. The customer service was top notch with quick responses and fast delivery. Steve was very helpful with providing tips on how to make your bootlegging experience as fun as possible. He was generous enough to send a free sample of his Irish whiskey that can give some of the top brands a run for their money. I look forward to ordering a few more barrels in the near future.


  17. Christopher

    I received the kit as a b-day present and was psyched to try it out. What a great product. The barrel is really nice. The instructions were easy for preparing the barrel. I used a medium priced moonshine and added the bourbon essence and it really turned out great. Just ordered several more but in essences as well as a cherry and honey burbon. Can’t wait to try the rest of the options also. I look forward to a long relationship with these folks.

  18. Louis (verified owner)

    The 5 liter kit was my first purchase from Red Head but certainly not my last. I asked for both the cask and a bottle to be engraved. Placed the order just after lunch their time. I had the kit, beautifully engraved, in my hands two days later. Incredible service! I spoke with Steve prior to placing my order regarding special ordering some casks, which I did shortly after receipt of the kit. We wanted to try the Highland Malt essence. I seasoned the casks with some sherry, per Steve’s recommendation, then made the “scotch” per the instructions. After only a week of aging my curiosity got the best of me and I tried just a wee dram. While it isn’t a quality Speyside, it actually had good flavor even after that short time. I’ve no doubt that it will be even better after a couple months. The impression of the custom cask and bottle will certainly make up for any lack of authenticity. The folks at Red Head have made a friend and dedicated customer.

  19. m.vincent (verified owner)

    I bought this for myself just to try something a little different. My kit with the 2 liter barrel came as promised and I have my first batch going now, and I liked it so well that I ordered a one liter barrel and it is making a batch also. Both barrels cured nicely and with no leaks I might add. Great customer service as they answered all my questions right away. Thanks!


  20. gcanders (verified owner)

    Bought this for our son who is in the service. (What do you get a 30 year old who is far from home?) It was the perfect gift. He is having a lot of fun “playing” with his new toy. The email notices about the purchase, the notice about the shipping were quick and amusing. The shipment was exactly as they said it would be. Will definitely do business again.

  21. chloecayabyab23 (verified owner)

    Bought this as a gift, turned out perfect!!! Customer service was amazing, my proof was sent to me in less than 24 hours and it was shipped and delivered really fast (I’m in Alaska, so I expected it to take a while but it got to me very quickly). One glass I had engraved was broken, I emailed customer support and they sent me a new one and again, got to me in just a few days. Will absolutely be ordering from here again!

  22. andrew_e_lewis (verified owner)

    I have just started working on my first batch, so I still don’t know how it has turned out. I am writing this review, though, as I feel the customer service up to this point has been great. They have followed up with me to make sure it arrived in a timely fashion, which it did, and the instructions were easy to follow. With the great service so far, as long as my first batch goes well, I am excited to try different variations in the future. Thanks!


  23. Derrick (verified owner)

    I’ve finished my first batch and it has turned out great. I’m excited to experiment with a new batch. Excellent product. The barrel cured in a couple of days and I’ve not experienced any leaks. Quality product and Steve is very responsive to any questions you may have. I’ll be ordering a larger barrel soon. Thanks!


  24. Rod (verified owner)

    Just got my 3L barrel in last week and have my first batch of Kentucky Bourbon aging already. I ordered my kit on a Sunday night and it shipped out on Monday and got to me on Wednesday. Instructions were simple and barrel cured quickly. Very nice quality and the engraving looks great! I only wish I would’ve purchased a 5L barrel instead! I’ll definitely be buying another soon.

  25. Steve Mayes (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for letting us know about the leaking spigot and bung. We will put a free replacement in the mail tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience.

  26. Carol (verified owner)

    I purchased the 2 liter kit for making Brandy for my husband. We just tasted the first batch. It is very good !
    We did have 2 problems tho. The spigot leaked, so we used the shot glass under it and poured it back when the glass was full. We had to do this every couple of days. Then the bung thingy came apart. We will not be able to use it or the spigot for another batch. They will need to be replaced. All and all it was a fun experience. We would make more batches

  27. Amanda (verified owner)

    Such a great gift idea! The personalization on the barrel that I ordered turned out better than I imagined and my friend was thrilled with the gift! Can’t wait to taste the first batch!

  28. abbigailjeanette (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect. This was purchased as a personalized gift for an anniversary. He would always joke about making his own whisky and how he would call it a silly name (had to call and make sure it could be printed) and now he has the opportunity to do so! How fun! He received this a few days ago and we are still laughing about it and he cannot wait to start making his first batch. The customer service I have gotten is beyond excellent and I will most certainly buy again. Thank you!

  29. kennanglassman (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of buying from your company. My order was completed so fast and the quality of the work was absolutely amazing! The barrel was a gift for my boyfriend and both of us will definitely be buying from Red Head Barrels again. I am beyond impressed and appreciative of the wonderful service!

  30. Gregory (verified owner)

    Someone that I work with recommended this to me, and I must say that I am very good that he did, and that I listened. I have tried his batch, and mine is coming along, but these barrels are amazing. Well done, fast arrival, and great communication. I have wanted to age my own liquor for a while now, and will also age some beer in these to give it a nice taste as well. And then at the end of its life, going to make some great smoking chips. I could not be happier and look forward to getting a few more barrels soon.

  31. Cole (verified owner)

    My experience with Red Head Oak Barrels has been awesome. My oak barrel is perfectly engraved and looks very nice on my bar. I started aging a bottom shelf bourbon two weeks ago and can already taste the difference. The customer service is the best online service I have ever had. I shopped around for an aging barrel before purchasing my red head oak barrel and I couldn’t find one for a better price.

    Thanks, Steve for the awesome service and product.

  32. dayshadm (verified owner)

    My (new) hubby and I just got married in November so I was anxious for my first Christmas present to him to be memorable. The 3L whiskey aging barrel was absolutely perfect- he loved it! It’s the perfect size for our kitchen and more importantly, our first batch of whiskey was fantastic. Be sure not to overage the whiskey, especially the first batch, and do spend the time to read the instructions and cure the barrel first – we placed ours in the guest bath for a couple of days before using and that worked out great. Can’t wait to try some of the other flavors. Cocktails anyone?
    Daysha C.

  33. Siobhan (verified owner)

    I ordered the Bootleg Whiskey kit for my husband’s birthday present. After much research I finally decided on Red Head Barrels. I had read nothing but raving reviews and now I know why. The great customer service alone is enough reason to do business with this company. Steve responded to my inquiries immediately and dealt with my order changes right over the phone with me. The items arrived quickly and in good shape. We are curing the barrel and can’t wait to start our first batch. Now my son, who has taken up home beer brewing, has decided he needs to start making his own whiskey too. We’re planning to add additional barrels in the future so that we can try making some of the other interesting spirits.

  34. Greg (verified owner)

    I ordered the 3L flavoring kit. I’m happy with my order, it came came quickly and it’s easy to use. I have some 130proof with the Tennessee Bourbon whiskey mix. can’t wait until its done. *****

  35. Cara Hıckəy

    I was AMAZED by the quality of customer service you provided! I ordered my engraved 2L barrel gift set on a Friday, and it was delivered to my home by the following Wednesday! It turned out perfect, I cannot wait to give it as a gift this weekend. I will definitely be ordering more sets for the guys in my life!

  36. Andrea (verified owner)

    Customer service makes a huge difference in your shopping experience, most of the time it is what determines whether you will return or not. In this case, it most definitely makes us want to return!

    I purchased a 3 liter Oak barrel kit for my boyfriends Christmas gift, he absolutely loved it. When we tried to insert the spigot to the barrel and it split, we sent Steve an email asking how to go about purchasing a new one and he informed us that he would put a new one in the mail the very next day free of charge. That kind of attention to your customers is hard to come by these days and it very much appreciated.

    We have since ordered another 2 liter barrel and more essences, they are on their way and we cannot wait to make some more batches. Red Head Oak Barrels will continue to be the place we go to for our new hobby 🙂

  37. Matthew (verified owner)

    Great product, have had it for about 3 months now. First batch of Scotch turned out great. Only negative I have to say about the product is that it took about 2 weeks for my 2L barrel to properly seal, which seemed quite long for a relatively small size.

  38. Laurie McGrath (verified owner)

    I purchased the 5 liter barrel for my boss. We have a scotch room at work and we like to try new and different scotches. We cured the barrel according to the directions and it sealed perfectly. We eagerly tried using a 12 yr Glenfiddich. We took out two drams for sample comparisons then poured the remaining scotch into the barrel.
    Since it was a 5 liter barrel and we only used one liter, the aging went fairly quickly. We tested after one week and saw a big difference. We tested after week two and the change was a-maz-ing! We decided to rebottle it at that time. We’ve moved onto using 3 liters of Glenlivet. It’s on our third week of curing. Knowing there’s more alcohol in the bottle, we realize it will take a bit longer. Of course, we are impatient so we ordered another barrel. I see another 4-6 orders coming down the line so we can all try something different. We’ve not tried the ‘bootlegger’ scotch yet, but plan to in one of our next barrels. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service, quality and shipping that I have received so far! I would highly recommend Red Head oak barrels! PS They have some delicious recipes too! The ONLY thing that was a bit disappointing was the keg stand. It needs to come stained or something to make it look not so cheap.

  39. elizcarter91 (verified owner)

    I bought Bootleg Whiskey making kit for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift. He loved it and I was very impressed with the product and the customer service. I exchanged the flavor of my essence with no problem . I will definitely purchase another kit again! Can’t wait to taste the batch!

  40. dan.chandler75 (verified owner)

    I received the 3L oak barrel kit as a gift. I’m very happy with it. The Scotch whiskey I am making is turning out great, and the oak barrel itself makes a great decoration for my home. Very highly recommended.

  41. vikkireigh (verified owner)

    I got this barrel as a Christmas present for my boyfriend who loves Irish whiskey and he loves it! We were surprised how much just the 1 liter barrel made! We cured our first batch for about two weeks and it turned out deliciois! The barrel had no leaks in it when we cured it for the first time which was awesome! We are now looking at new flavors to purchase to start our second batch!!

    Red Head is by far the best! Will continue purchasing from them!!

  42. katechunter (verified owner)

    Got the 1 liter flavoring kit for my brother-in-law as a Christmas gift and he absolutely loves it! He loved the personalized engraving and said it is fun and easy to use and clean. I plan on buying one for my husband’s birthday as well!!

  43. bob.correa.19

    Got the 2 liter flavoring kit as a gift and couldn’t wait to try it out. Minor leaking problem out of the box but it sealed itself over night once the wood was saturated. Just finished my first batch of Kentucky Bourbon and it worked out great. Looking forward to trying out the Tennessee Bourbon next.

  44. Denise (verified owner)

    I ordered the Red Head Bootleg Whiskey Making Kit with custom engraving for my SO for Christmas. I knew I wanted to get him an aging kit and researched for several days when I cam across Red Head’s website. I knew immediately this was who I would be ordering from, but with so many options it still took a couple days to decide exactly WHAT I wanted to order. I finally decided shortly after 5:00 pm Saturday December 12th (talk about waiting until the last minute)! Along with the kit I added on a cleaning and maintenance kit, flavor enhancer, personalized flask and personalized bottle. That very same night, shortly after 9:30 I received an email from Steve with the proof that I had requested. 4 hours later on a Saturday night! With everything personalized my order was still ready and shipped December 15th, with delivery on the 18th. I had originally decided that I would not open the box to see the final result, and would see it Christmas Day when he opened it. Nope, couldn’t stand the suspense! I opened the box when I got home that evening and it was absolutely beautiful!!! He was so excited when he opened it Christmas morning! Red Head has made customers for life here! We will review again once the White Dog he ordered arrives and he gets an opportunity to really use it! Thank you Steve!! It’s the greatest gift I ever got him! 😀
    Sincerely ,
    Denise R. Brown

  45. TRACY (verified owner)

    I ordered the three litre barrel and it was perfect! I designed my own image to put on the barrel, and Steve was very helpful in making sure it fit the barrel and would turn out okay. I couldn’t be more pleased and can’t wait to see how the bourbon whiskey turns out!

  46. Connie (verified owner)

    I ordered the 2 liter engraved on Nov 30 and received 2 days later(ground shipping). I immediately presented to my husband (trying to contain my excitement) so he could prepare it for taste testing by Christmas as it was his gift. The smile on his face and the ” I like it, a lot.” thrilled me. It’s proudly displayed in his man cave and re-order essences will occur. There have been no issues with leakage after initial prep and I would highly recommend this product!

  47. Jeremiah (verified owner)

    Bought this for my brother and my sister in law. They were stoked when they got it. This is just plain awesome, and I am now going to buy one for pops and two for myself!!

  48. Shanna (verified owner)

    Purchased cigars that were infused at a craft show in September that were so great I decided to get the whiskey flavoring kit for a gift for Xmas. The product is great and I’m excited to try the whiskey! Can’t beat the price for all that comes in the kit. I look forward to buying more products to try.

  49. brittanybiggs5 (verified owner)

    I bought this for my brother for Christmas this year! I had our last name engraved on the front of a 2 liter barrel and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I emailed Red Head Oak Barrel to ensure shipping for Christmas and I received an email back within the hour. Fast and awesome customer service and great products! I am so excited to see how the first batch turns out!

  50. Autumn (verified owner)

    These barrels are amazing!!! Bought it for my brother for Christmas. He is going to love it!! Thank you so so much Red Head Oak Barrel. Will definitely be ordering again.

  51. shane (verified owner)

    Great product, the custom work turned out better than I thought it would. The barrel sealed up and within just a day I was making my first batch. I also ordered one for a friend and the work again was wonderful. I am thinking about ordering some smaller barrels and making different recipes. After all experimenting is half the fun!

  52. kaitlynfriskel91 (verified owner)

    I purchased my oak barrel and kit as a Christmas gift and I absolutely love it! The barrel is quality made and beautiful, it came so much faster than I expected, and looks better in person than I could have imagined. I got the 3L barrel and I’m glad I did as I think the 2L would have been too small for the look I was going for- this is perfect to set on a desk or counter without taking up too much space. Additionally Steve is very prompt in his replies and happy to help. I’ll definitely be ordering from here again.

  53. hvstable (verified owner)

    Bought this kit for my boyfriends birthday and he loved it! Especially the engraved barrel and whiskey bottle. He wants to get more barrels so he can try different batches and different aging times.

  54. taylarfernandini (verified owner)

    I did quite a bit of research for oak barrels for my friend for a Christmas gift (an early one). We are both into Irish Whiskey and I am quite happy with how it is aging so far, cannot wait to get the right amount of aging into this whiskey. The engraving on the glasses and on the barrel are great, I am in love with how it looks. And the shipping was super fast even though I did not get expedited shipping at all. I am pleased with the barrel and I am thinking of purchasing more to start big batch long aging projects. 🙂

  55. Amy Drummond (verified owner)

    I started looking for a whiskey kit for my husband for Christmas months ago. After researching multiple sites, I decided to go with Red Head Oak Barrels. Definitely best pricing, with the added bonus of being able to personalize it. When I received the kit, it was perfect. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and workmanship. What I was not expecting, however, was the superior level of customer service I received. Red Oak reached out to me on several occasions, to proof my design, to inform me it was being processed and when to expect shipment, and then again when it was shipped. I even received a follow up to ensure I was happy with my purchase. And the speed was unimaginable. I tried to order early to ensure it would arrive in time for Christmas. I know that personalization takes extra time, so I was expecting 3 weeks… I received my barrel within DAYS. Far and away, one of the very best online shopping experiences I have ever had.

  56. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I spent a long time doing research online to find the right barrel for my fiance. Not only did Red Head Oak Barrels have the best prices, they had the best customer service as well. When they had a question about the engraving I chose, they reached out to me to confirm. They were speedy in this and in delivery. My fiance was thrilled by the gift and loves making his own whiskeys (and our guests love it to). He started by aging a bourbon, which now has a great smoky flavor and now he is using the essences I purchased to make his own. We can’t wait to try more!

  57. stevenrschulz

    I received this aging barrel kit for my birthday and I have to say this is one of the best presents I have ever received my first batch was the honey bourbon and it turned out great! I can’t wait to try more.

  58. happyleaf3514 (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband for our 5 year anniversary. My husband loves his whiskey oak barrel. I bought him the 2-liter with the Highland Malt Essence. He tested the whiskey every week and he enjoyed the whiskey when it has been sitting in the barrel for at least 4 weeks. He left it in the barrel until he finished it.
    I will definitely buy more of the essence. This was a great gift and my money’s worth.
    I ordered in the morning, received the engraving proof less than 20 minutes of ordering, once I approved the engraving they were ready to engrave and ship the product to me! It was so quick! Thank you!

  59. andyfish122 (verified owner)

    I have the 1 litre oak aging barrel and it is perfect. I am not a snob by any means, but I know the difference between good and bad whiskey. But after aging a $14.99 fifth of gut rot for about 3 weeks, you wouldn’t know the difference! It is a stellar investment and an excellent conversation piece. The amount of money saved buying the cheaper whiskeys and aging them yourself, is well worth it. Not to mention, you can pour your creation into an airtight glass bottle and start a fresh batch right away! I can’t get enough or tell enough people about this barrel!
    Thanks Steve!

  60. lisa.bonvissuto (verified owner)

    I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loves it! The custom engraving looks great. He has already made one batch of whiskey and can’t wait to try with different essences.

  61. sconte41 (verified owner)

    I purchased a my first kit to try a batch of scotch everything came on time . I had a small problem with my siphon they forgot to drill a hole in it I gave Steve a call and he said that was a first for them I even sent him some pics of it Steve said no problem an sent me a new siphon ASAP the company and their products are top notch my barrel of scotch is coming along nicely. Steve thanks for all your help I will me telling all my friends about your company. Thanks Sam.

  62. christianlamore (verified owner)

    I have the barrel as a gift and he couldn’t be happier! All my friends want one and one of them is wanting to buy 5 for his groomsmen! He hasn’t made a batch yet but is looking forward to doing so!

  63. Alan (verified owner)

    I have often thought about distilling my own bourbon but never had the courage to defy the government to that degree and, to be honest, wouldn’t do that well in federal prison. Anyway, my brother went to the Wisconsin state fair this year and during a meandering conversation told me to check out the Redhead barrel site. Imagine the delight this frustrated ‘shiner found after logging in. Wow, a dream-come-true, at least for me.

    First, the ordering of product. Here, a slight frustration as I first attempted to place my order via iphone. For whatever reason, I was stymied every time I tried to start the checkout process because no matter what I tried, I kept getting an “empty basket” message from the little squirrel that types these things inside my computer. Undeterred, I logged in on a real computer at the first opportunity. Well, the same message popped up. Now mildly irritated, I called Red Oak and was connected to someone who quickly diagnosed my problem (a guy with no patience who skipped over checking “none” on engraving. You need to do that in order to proceed with placing your order). Order placed.

    What did I order? I ordered the 2 liter barrel kit with Kentucky bourbon flavoring, the maintenance kit, 2 additional bottles of the same flavoring, and one bourbon bottle from the add on selection and another from the store menu. From there, the process is similar to almost any on line ordering experience.

    Shipping was very quick in my experience with no surprises, just how I like it. The package was properly and neatly packed, the bottles wrapped in bubble wrap and the remaining parts of the order packaged in the nicely embossed red sack that comes with the kit. The entire content was surrounded by shipping peanuts, very secure. Everything I expected was received.

    Contained in the package were how-to instructions on curing the barrel, as noted elsewhere, these deviate a bit from the on-line instructions but not to a material degree. I felt confident curing the barrel, having read or watched almost everything on the site while waiting for my barrel to arrive. Inserting the spigot was painless, it went in nice and tight. I spent some time looking over the barrel prior to filling it with water to cure, looking for flaws or shoddy workmanship. What I found was a well crafted barrel and nice looking barrel bands holding it securely together. My wife’s comment was “it’s beautiful and will look great on the bar I want you to build for me”! I took a picture and shared it with a bunch of others who had a similar reaction, minus the bar building plug.

    I choose to cure the barrel for five days, partly because I was going to be out of town for part of the time but also because in one of the columns it suggested the longer the cure the less alcohol is absorbed/retained by the barrel. Curing was accomplished without a hitch, and, as instructed, I drained the barrel for the recommended period of time before filling. Very little leakage occurred.

    I was a bit skeptical about the quoted cost per liter of low-end vodka, never having purchased this type of vodka in the past, but I was pleasantly surprised to find Taaka vodka at exactly five dollars per liter. As instructed, I added vodka to the cured barrel until it was about half full, added the flavoring, plugged and shook the barrel, then added vodka until filled. That’s it, all the work was completed. I am currently waiting for the first batch to age.

    All in all, great experience. I will add and update when I sample the finished product.

  64. tiarose885 (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service! Fastest shipping ever, especially considering I had the barrel engraved! I am so pleased with this company and the way they do business!! I am positive that once my husband opens this as my anniversary gift to him, he will be just as happy with it as I am! If you are even considering ordering from this company just go ahead and do it, you will not be disappointed!! I had our first anniversary date engraved with a quote on the side of the barrel and I think it’s amazing that this is something we will have forever, obviously we are BIG whiskey and bourbon fans!

  65. Brianna (verified owner)

    I bought for my husband this for his birthday. Service and quality is excellent. We just tried our first whiskey and are in love! thank you so much for an AMAZING gift. Definitely is the focal point at our home bar!

  66. Chelsea (verified owner)

    I recently bought my husband a kit as a Father’s Day gift and I’m so excited to give it to him next weekend! I had some questions as this was all new to me and I heard back immediately. The customer service was fantastic and the quality of the product is quite impressive. I will definitely recommend Redhead Barrels to friends and family and really look forward to my husband making his own scotch!

  67. Ken (verified owner)

    What an outstanding customer first minded company to deal with! Being brand new to ageing my own at home, I had questions… Emails were immediately answered, order placed on Thursday and received the following Tuesday! Curing was a breeze and first batch is in the barrel…Midnight Moon with cherry essence and a dash of vanilla. Thank you Steve, will keep you posted on how it turns out.


  68. Victoria Sent (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service. I purchased this for my husband he absolutely loved the originality of the gift. I sent a few emails and heard back immediately. Very impressed with the quality and how quick the shipping was. Looking forward to making more orders in the future and will recommend to friends.

  69. giospro69 (verified owner)

    Bought the kit and had no problems, the service and email response was out standing (Quick) I’m try out the Highland Malt which I’m only a week so far when I started, I bought 2 more Irish and Tennessee and can’t wait to try, I’ve been looking/researching different company’s that do whiskey kits and found that this one has the best reviews, so far it’s been a very very good, so after I try out my first one, I’ll have to write another review, and thanks for the service, being on top of things.


  70. charlessmith956 (verified owner)

    Bought this kit, and had it engraved as a tribute to my Dad. We always talked about aging our moonshine, but never got around to it. Ordered via the site here, but called the next day to correct a mistake I made, and was surprised at how personable and friendly they were. Very prompt email responses, and updates about my order. I could not be happier or more excited about barrel aging my Dad’s liquor now! Red Head knows how to treat people! Keep up the good work folks

  71. bethany.l.johns (verified owner)

    Bought the kit and engraved for Father with Family Name. Looks awesome and will make a nice decorative piece in an office as well as useful too. Was hesitant to get the 1L because it was so small it is commical and almost a joke, a little too cute for a grown man. Thinking about using the Brew for recipes as well, do you have any suggestions for cooking with scotch whiskey? Also, can you recommend where to buy a distillery? We would like to make our own distill and make a hobby out of whiskey-making.

  72. clay_arlene (verified owner)

    Bought the moonshine kit as a gift.Very smooth transaction ( called up over the phone), helpful customer service and a hella quick shipping even with the custom engraving of the barrel. Barrel has been soaked and no leaks.( the wooden spicket seemed sketchy at first, but after soaking is water tight and adds to the character of the barrel). I will be buying another kit shortly.Excellent Gift !!! Now time to get myself one….

  73. Karen (verified owner)

    Fantastic gift for my Pa for his birthday. He is enjoying his barrel very much and has already made and drank 2L of malt whisky, and ready to make more! I researched a little before buying and so glad I went with Red Head Oak Barrels which had the best price and the best customer service. When ordering I realized I spelt whiskey wrong for the engraving I needed it spelt the Scottish way whisky or my Scottish Pa would have been upset, so I called and they changed it with no problem. I received it very quickly and it was just as described. Brilliant gift, brilliant company and will definitely be buying again, very soon actually Pa needs bulk order of malt whisky essence says it tastes great.
    Thank You Red Head Oak Barrels

  74. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I had been trying to decide between various whiskey barrel kit providers for a good two weeks before stumbling across Red Head Oak Barrels, which I got super excited about, being a fellow Texan.
    I was having trouble deciding on designs, as it is an Anniversary present for my boyfriend of 10 years, and I wanted it to be super special and unique. I had a question about their available designs and was expecting to hear back maybe the next day, if not two days later. No, Steve got back to me within the hour and was extremely helpful in my decision making. I was even nervous about the custom image that I had decided on and asked his opinion on whether or not he thought it would work, which he had no problem giving me.
    Since it was a custom design, I thought I would have to wait a little while before it was shipped, but I received my barrel and accessories in less than half of the time that I expected, and I could not WAIT to look at it. It is so, so well made. The design came out even better than I imagined, and I was so giddy with excitement about it that I almost wanted to give it to my boyfriend right away instead of waiting until our Anniversary. In fact, that is why I haven’t left a review prior to this. Our Anniversary is still two weeks away and I had to force myself to try and forget about the barrel so I didn’t want to give it to him!
    I cannot say how the liquor produced comes out yet, but I will be back to leave another review afterwards.
    If you are on the fence about ordering, don’t be. I can assure you that Steve is a pleasure to work with and you will not regret going with Red Head Oak Barrels. I honestly can’t see getting this level of customer service anywhere else, and the product is amazing. I will definitely be back again. 🙂

  75. bryna.peplinski (verified owner)

    My girlfriend got me the 5L barrel and the Kentucky Bourbon flavors essence. I was first stuck with how beautiful the barrel looked sitting on my bar. It immediately became a focal point when having guests over. As others have mentioned there were some conflicting instructions online vs the information packet that came with the barrel, however nothing that was not to difficult to figure out; after a few days of prepping and watching for leaks our first 5L batch was on it’s way. As suggested, with the first aging we took it fairly conservatively (~2.5 weeks) and tasted every couple of days to make sure it was not too harsh a flavor with the fresh char/oak. The result was amazing, between friends and family sharing the first batch we are just about in time to get started on a new batch. Now just to come to consensus which Essence to use.

  76. Gerald

    I ordered the engraved 5L flavoring kit and sent in a custom image. The guys cleaned it up and bang! They nailed it perfectly. I was so excited after seeing the proofs and approving them. I could not wait. The engraving on both the flask and the barrel came out way better then I imagined. The turn around was amazingly fast and I had no issues with leaks or instructions. After a quick prep and flush out of debris, I lightly tapped the “Tap” in place. I filled with warm water and within a hour it stopped leaking. I place the barrel in an roasting pan to catch the water but there really was not much from my barrel. I guess I got lucky with it leaking so little. The barrel looks so cool sitting on my counter as I am waiting for my first batch to age. Even my wife who was very skeptical was amazed at the quality of the workmanship.

  77. Adam (verified owner)

    I ordered an engraved 5L flavoring kit. It got here a little quicker than I expected and it is awesome! I am very happy with the workmanship of the barrel. I’m equally impressed with the customer service. I truly enjoy doing business with a company that cares about their customers and delivers top notch service. I only have one complaint, I’m afraid I have a new addiction! Trust me, this will be money well spent.

  78. Patrick (verified owner)

    Thanks for a great product! The Oak barrels have worked flawlessly. The first batch I made a bourbon, and a apple brandy. I did this just, to get some flavor in the barrels for the next batches to come! Now I am aging a vieux carre, and a metropolitan. The flavors are messing alright, but they need more time to smooth out the flavor.

  79. rondajalbert (verified owner)

    Great customer service- quick/thorough. Fast shipping, even to Canada! Engraving came out great too. 🙂 Thanks

  80. robert.batres (verified owner)

    Hi, just getting around to sending a review..sorry. Cleaning and barrel prep. went well however, the spigot leaked terribly even after 6 days of sitting and me adding warm water constantly. It might be because of the instruction for putting the spigot in were very mixed, the online instructions said not to hammer the spigot in just to tap..so I taped it. The instructions that came with the barrel said to install only by hand, I went with the online instructions thinking it would be more updated…mmmm. Anyway, I was able to overcome the leak and produced a barrel of very nice Whiskey. I am starting another one soon. I will say that it came out very oakie so I will shorten the recommended amount of aging time to lessen the oak flavor a little…Oh! and I am upping the octane to 100 prof. Thank you, Readhead Barrel, I am having a blast making the Whiskey and the engraving on my barrel came out awesome!


  81. John (verified owner)

    Just cured my barrel. Not a leak from start 2 finish.Cant wait 2 start my moonshine-irish whiskey. See how this one goes, and order another barrel or 2. Its definitely been a very smooth transaction for a very good, well made product. Im sure Ill be talking to you soon.

  82. ofelia@hotmail.com (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for your kind message. I gotta say, one of the best things about buying your products is getting the incredible customer service you guys offer.

    We absolutely love the barrel. Once we received it (all the way in Venezuela), I gave it to my husband as an anniversary gift, and he couldn’t be happier. Just last weekend we introduced our first rum for aging. We’ll let you know how it tastes!

  83. kbird (verified owner)

    So far I am absolutely in love with these barrels. Neither of them leaked when I was curing them and the engraving was perfect. In one of the barrels I aged crown royal and in the other I age a cocktail called the .50 cal.

  84. bgrae001 (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for running such a professional outfit. It’s rare to come across someone who takes care of the customer after the sale. I’m loving my irish whiskey with a hint of Ceylon cinnamon essence. Awesome stuff.

  85. Stefanie Tedstrom (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the quick shipping, it is much appreciated! I received the barrel today and it is a gift for my husband’s birthday next week so we have not opened it yet but I am very excited to give it to him! I can say that your customer service is fantastic and I know we will buying from Red Head again in the future.

  86. Rachel (verified owner)

    Things are changing so fast in our world. I don’t do much in-store shopping anymore. When I know what I want, I just find a place and order online. Sometimes it works well and other times it’s just a bad experience. But sometimes you strike gold. On Monday a friend and I were talking about brewing beer. But, honestly, I’m much more interested in making my own whiskey so I investigated online. In the next few minutes, I found Red Head Barrels. Not only do they have step-by-step videos, but they offer suggestions and have complete kits. So I placed an order. I even had it engraved, assuming I wouldn’t see it for months. Within minutes they acknowledge by order. Within a few hours, they had contacted me to see if I was happy with the engraving sample. On Wednesday I got word that my engraved order is already on the way. I am so impressed and so excited to get started!

  87. Susan (verified owner)

    Thank you Steve and Red Head Oak Aging Barrels for the quality product and wonderful customer service!! My husband loved his barrel and I’m sure to make this a go to gift for other friends & family members.

  88. Ryan

    I received my red head barrel as a Father’s Day gift . I love it! Everything is shipped and received quickly. Steve answers your questions quickly as well through their Facebook page. His videos are also a great help! Great company to do business with!

  89. Grant Shawhan (verified owner)

    I bought a 3L barrel and have to say it turned out beautiful. I’m only a few weeks into aging some shine, and there has already been so much change!
    Steve is amazing to deal with and answers emails quickly and comprehensively. He has been a pleasure to communicate with.

  90. Jason (verified owner)

    I bought a 1 liter barrel and had it engraved with a special message as a Father’s Day gift and it came out perfect. Steve was awesome to deal with and answered all of my questions quickly. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

  91. William (verified owner)

    Hey Steve,
    We love the barrels, they are just what we wanted. I am a stairbuilder by trade and just wanted to say the workmanship is awesome. Anyway we are very happy with the product and hope to very soon order 4 of the 1 liter barrels.

  92. Kennedy (verified owner)

    I love my Red Head oak barrel! My Tennessee bourbon tastes great! I’m on my second batch. I believe it tastes better than the first one. I’m assuming, the more you run through it, the better the barrel gets. I’ve purchased one for a friend as well, He’s excited to see how it turns out. The Kit is a great gift for family and friends! Thanks,

  93. coreycarlucci (verified owner)

    I started aging a Irish whisky and it is turning out great. I highly recommend trying this product. It’s actually really fun to do, being able to taste the whisky throughout the process is awesome. Also the customer service is great.

    Thank you Steve.

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