Private Preserve – Wine Preserver

If you are aging wine in your barrel you will definitely want a can of this. Now you can open your bottle of wine without the worries of drinking it in one sitting. Help preserve the oxidation of wines, liquers, vinegars and cooking oils. Number one rated worldwide Private Preserve. Just spray inside the barrel for a few seconds after you have poured your wine inside. It will create a blanket on top of your wine to keep the oxygen from ruining your vintage. Works well in your bottle too. The combination of argon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen will provide protection while you age your wine to just the right flavor. Approximately 120 uses in each can. Reuse anytime you pop the bung on your barrel.



Private Preserve is a wine preservation system designed to keep opened bottles of wine  and wine aging in oak barrels fresh for longer periods. It consists of a canister filled with a mixture of inert gases, including argon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. To use it, simply insert the nozzle into the bung hole, give a short spray, and then reseal the barrel with the bung. The inert gases create a barrier between the wine and oxygen, preventing oxidation and preserving the wine’s flavor and aroma. This method is ideal for those who enjoy wine but may not finish a barrel or bottle in one sitting, ensuring that each glass tastes as fresh as the first.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in


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