Caramel Enhanced Liquor Flavoring

Now you can enhance the flavor or your aging batch with our custom additives. Add more Carmel for that smooth color you are looking for in your bootleg batch. You can even enhance liquor store top shelf liquors to get the flavor you enjoy the most. You may like a little or you may like a lot. Buy a bottle and find out. Each bottle is 50 ml (1.7 U.S. Fluid ounces)

2X Carmel” is a specially made extra dark caramel used to color liquors, liqueurs and dark beers.



You can improve the flavor of you’re maturing batch with our added enhancers. Include more Caramel for that more color and caramel flavor. You can even upgrade liquor store top rack liquors to get the flavor you appreciate the most. Add the Carmel in your barrel carefully and taste before adding more. You can add the flavor as indicated by your taste. You may like a little or you may like a considerable measure. Purchase a container and discover. Each bottle is 50 ml.


? Typical dosage rate is 0.2-.0.6 ml/L (0.8-2.3 cc/gallon).

? Darkens up to 100L (25 gallons) of alcohol.

? Use a 1ml/cc syringe to measure small doses.


? Natural caramel.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 in

3 reviews for Caramel Enhanced Liquor Flavoring

  1. Geoffrey (verified owner)

    Easy ordering process
    Fast Shipping
    High-Quality Product
    Great Customer Service
    Competitively Priced

    Looking forward to my cherry vanilla batch completing. The 2xcaramel was a great addition to my last batch and really provided the extra bang I was missing.

  2. griffin (verified owner)

    I have now ordered 2 times, from Red Head Barrels. Great products , fast shipping and GREAT customer service.

  3. candace (verified owner)

    I have purchased twice the cherry bourbon, vanilla and caramel enhancers for my bourbon aging. These add a nice dimension to the flavor and soften the ‘edge’ of the bourbon.
    I also add some ‘Bada Bing’ dark cherry juice to get a bit of a ‘Manhatten’ flavor.. these batches have been very popular with my friends and it is just a fun thing to have.
    I highly recommend them..

    Candace (Old Cbers barrel)

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