Custom Engraved Barrel Head

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These are new Wine and Whiskey Barrel heads that hang on your wall. You can personalize them the same way you can personalize one of our barrels. The barrel head will be Laser Engraved with your personalization.

Do you think all those white American oak barrels sitting in the flavor houses of Kentucky are just plain white oak? American distillers and wine makers are incredibly proud of their craft and often hire their own boutique barrel makers whom stamp the barrels with particular dates and logos. You can do the same with personalized barrel heads. Your white American oak barrel head can be inscribed with a template or a personalized message or logo. This really puts your stamp on the spirit making process and adds to the ambience of the aging process. Show your pride with personalized barrel heads.

We invite you to email our engraver about what you want engraved on your barrel head, and she will help you with personalizing this one of a kind Wall Hanging Barrel head.  Approx barrel head size is 21″-22″.  Engraveable area is no larger than 35cm (about 14″) on its longest side.

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