Barrel XL Barrel Aged Cabernet Wine Making Kit


Make and age wine at home with the Barrel XL Barrel Aged Wine Making Kit. The wine making kit includes everything you need to make 1 gallon of Cabernet wine and age it to perfection in a charred American White Oak Wine Barrel. The Kit includes:

5 Liter American White Oak Barrel (Toasted)

Barrel Stand, Bung & Spigot

Wine Turbo Yeast & Barrel Seasoning

1 Gallon Fermentation Jug with Cap and Airlock

Liquid Crystal Display Thermometer

Sterilizer Powder

Must (concentrated juice)

Siphon Hose & Pinch Clamp

Racking Tube & Antiseptic Tip


The Barrel XL’s trademarked process includes Wine Turbo Yeast and an American White Oak barrel for an “XL-erated” 30 day wine making experience. Simply follow the easy to read instructions and in 30 days you have one gallon of GREAT TASTING WINE!

Personalized Barrel XL Kits are available for an additional $30