Barrel Wax

Barrel wax will help you seal up small leaks on oak barrels. It is easily applied to the outside of the barrel. It can help leaks around the edge of the barrel head, pin holes and leaks between barrel staves. If you have a larger barrel or a barrel with more leaks you may want to get more than one barrel wax. If you purchased your barrel from Red Head and need wax to seal a leak do not purchase it. Email and let us know your original order number for the barrel and we will mail you some free barrel wax.



Make sure you have fully cured the barrel before trying to use the barrel wax on your leakage. Your barrel normally will soak in the liquid which will cause the wood to swell against the hoops then it seals itselft most of the time. After you have fully cured the barrel and you still have some stubborn leaks then give your barrel wax a try. Barrel wax is very easy to use. First dry the barrel as best you can with a dry cloth. Then put the leaking side of the barrel on top so there is not active dripping while you apply the wax. Get a dab on your finger and press the wax in to the barrel area that was leaking. Wipe away the excess wax and try to cover any surrounding areas. No need to stack in on thick or anything. You should be able to wipe off the excess and the wax you pressed in to the wood grain should be enough to seal it up.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

6 reviews for Barrel Wax

  1. my55fordpkup

    I purchased this wax because i had an older barrel that ive used several times so i took it apart and re-charred the inside. But when i put it together i had a bunch of leaks! When the wax came in i reassembled the barrel but this time using the wax all around where the end plates fit and it’s sealed up perfectly! I’m very happy with this simple yet effective product!

  2. armstr1 (verified owner)

    I ordered the wax because I had a barrel that leaked. It should be no surprise that the leaky barrel came from another company, because I didn’t know about RedHead Barrels. A few swipes, and leak all gone.

  3. mjkelly072 (verified owner)

    This wax works perfectly for stopping up those last pesky drips. I ordered 2 for a 5 liter barrel, still have more than 3/4 of the 2nd container left over. These individual container come with quite a bit more than the ones that come with the cleaning kit. (By the way, the cleaning kit is a good buy too; everything you need.)

  4. Graham (verified owner)

    The barrel wax worked great for a 5 liter that had a leak. I was on a time crunch and didn’t want to wait for it to possibly seal up on its own. I had plenty of wax for that. Great product. I had another old barrel that I received as a gift and no amount of wax could fix that thing and its mutable leaks. It is now a planter box. Sometimes just getting a new barrel is the right answer.

  5. gnadesa (verified owner)

    I purchased the barrel wax because I had a slight leak in my 1L barrel. The wax worked perfectly to seal up the small leak and I am now able to use my barrel without worrying about it leaking!

  6. airmex82 (verified owner)

    The wax worked amazing! Just wish there would’ve been a bit more. I ordered two of these and just had enough for three 3 liter barrels. So I
    recommend buying one container for each barrel. Other than that the
    product is awesome! A++

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