5 Liter Oak Aging Barrel

All Red Head Oak Barrels are 100% Guaranteed or your money back

Each 5 liter oak barrel includes a bung, spigot, stand, paper funnel and instruction card.


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These rugged 5 liter whiskey barrels for sale measure in at an impressive 9″ x 7.5″, can hold about 5-6 750 ml bottles of your favorite liquor and yield 170 1 once shots to be enjoyed by you and your friends! Our barrels are made by expert Coopers using only 100% American White Oak. Because no nails or glue are ever used, you can be assured that our barrels will impart the very finest natural caramel and vanilla flavors that exist in the medium charred wood, all with the guarantee of no negative effects of the methods or short cuts used by mass manufacturers. Our natural products allow the contents to breathe, releasing impurities and allowing the natural flavor of the wood to infuse into your favorite liquor. In just a few weeks you can have the mellow rich flavor top shelf reserve whiskey, brandy, scotch, tequila or wine for just a fraction of the cost. The handsome barrels make great gifts, as is, or can be personalized for your favorite person or to commemorate a special occasion. Be sure to order a few yourself to create a home bar that will the envy of your friends and neighbors. All our barrels come equipped with a bung, stand, wooden spigot and detailed instructions. Made to be used again and again our 5 liter whiskey barrels for sale will bring you years of pleasure!

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in

28 reviews for 5 Liter Oak Aging Barrel

  1. Ben W. (verified owner)

    Great Barrel !! Leaks stopped in about 5 days. Filled with corn licker for 1-1/2 months.
    The taste is great. Refilled with clear rum to age for 3 months. Couldn’t be Happier. Thanks Red Head Barrels.

  2. Robert Middleton (verified owner)

    The 5 liter barrel is excellent!
    I have been aging some white dog for 4 weeks and it is aging very nicely. Great flavor looking forward to how it is going to taste in a few months!

    Great product!

  3. bjengel (verified owner)

    The 5 liter barrel is an excellent product.

    But what is even more excellent, is the educational material. Without the written and video materials I would have been lost.

  4. brinkleyfam (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these barrels and the leaks stopped within 2 days. Unfortunately both barrels have leaked periodically since being filled with whiskey. The wax I had previously purchased for another barrel stopped the leaks and now everything seems to be back on track.

  5. collins.leibenguth (verified owner)

    This is my first ageing barrel. I received it in perfect condition, It took about 4 flushes to clean out the debris from inside of the barrel. filled the barrel with HOT water from the tap, caped the barrel and placed it on stand. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, not a single drip, drop, no leakage what so ever.
    I let it set for a little over a week checking and refilling the barrel every couple of days. I have filled the barrel with 1 gallon on fresh shine. That was a little over a week a go. I have been turning the barrel over
    (about 45degrees) every couple of days, to keep the top of the barrel from drying out. will update in about 3 months and let you know how she’s doing.

  6. gabealvarez9 (verified owner)

    This is my first barrel. The 5L is HUGE! The description says 5-6 750ml bottles. I put: (1) 1.75L of Gentlemans Jack, (1) 1.75L of Green Lable Jack, (2) 750ml Black Jack, and (2) 375ml of Black Jack. I think there still might be room!
    After the initial soaking and waiting, I have to say, RedHead Barrels are on point. On 6/20/20 will be my 1st 2week mark. Hopefully, by November I should have one smooth tasting bottle of Supreme Jack!

    Thank you RedHead

  7. kenneth osborn (verified owner)

    great barrels with minimal leak
    I have whiskey ageing in them

  8. Allen Raub

    I bought two engraved 5-liter barrels and have been extremely happy!! These are high-quality workmanship and extremely easy to set up. I soaked both prior to use and have had no problem at all. I plan to purchase more.

  9. Patrick Lawson (verified owner)

    I purchased a 5 liter unvarnished barrel recently. After some of the reviews and some problems I have had with other barrels, I was anticipating a difficult time hydrating the barrel to seal. I am happy to say it only took about an hour and it sealed up nicely. The spout even sealed. I now have a nice brandy aging in it and cant wait to taste it when ready. I will certainly purchase another one as I have some more spirits to get started. I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you very much Red Head Barrel and their Coopers.

  10. cain2930

    I bought 2 -5 ltr barrels… good quality
    No problems with them leaking …already have tequila aging in them both.
    I would purchase from this company again.
    emails were funny and customer service was great.
    Great gift idea. In 2 weeks already made improvement in taste of my tequila.

  11. Salvador Camaraza (verified owner)

    I previously had a 3 L Red Head barrel that was given to me as a Xmas gift several years ago and enjoyed making several batches of aged rum. Recently I upgraded to a 5L barrel and love it! On my 3rd batch of rum now and am planning to experiment with the solera method using a couple more barrels to age with. Great product! Highly recommended

  12. Richard Marshall (verified owner)

    I first purchased a 5 liter barrel and now have a 10 and a 2 liter. After researching many oak barrel companies the Red Head Oak Barrels’s are the best. Best quality, price and customer support. They help you out and explain the process and have great links on YouTube!!! After making my first 5 liter batch and it being so great for Old Fashions I have a 10 liter at home and a 2 liter for the office. They make fantastic tasting cocktails and are easy and a lot of fun to do. And I have shared it with friends and family and they will be indulging at my house for the holidays. They are great gifts too!!! Thanks for a great product and awesome support. I will be using them and sharing your products for years to come. Cheers!!!!

  13. John Boettcher

    Love my barrel, excellent quality! Barrel swelled up in a couple of days. Had one problem, the spicket kept dripping called customer service and they sent out a new one that same day! Works perfect now!

  14. John Boettcher

    Love my barrel, barrel sealed up nicely except I had a leaky spicket, called Red Head they sent a new one right out to me! Works perfect now! Going to be getting another one soon!

  15. Ronald Payne (verified owner)

    Recieved the barrel on Monday. Read several 5 star reviews stating how quickly
    the barrel swelled up for use…it’s been 3 days now and still leaking. Instructions said barrel barrel could take over a week to cure.. little worried now about the craftmanship. Hopefully leaking will stop was really looking forward to producing a great bourbon for sampling.

  16. Amy Stevens (verified owner)

    Very happy with my barrel. It was a gift for my husband, and I ordered it with plenty of time in case something went wrong in the ordering process. It arrived in perfect condition, only the stand was broken in transit. I emailed customer service and they quickly sent me a new stand, no questions asked. Very good customer service, great product, and looking forward to using it!

  17. cHRIS


  18. Todd Stillwell

    Great product, I have 2 of the 5L barrels and 2 of the 1L barrels. I am going to purchase a 2L barrel to complete my set. I had a problem with 1 of the barrels and I made one call and the customer service was very helpful and they went out of they way to help me.
    I will continue to purchase my barrels from REDHEAD as I enjoy my new hobby.

  19. Brandon Quinlin (verified owner)

    This barrel is excellent and will hold more than 2 gallons, I had an issue with leaking but once I applied some barrel wax and turned the barrel bung to the 3 o clock position everything sealed up fine. I have had bourbon in there a little over a month and it taste awesome and has impressed me so I will do business again soon.

  20. bfiske (verified owner)

    Purchased two of the 5L oak aging barrels. Both sealed after an hour or two and held up as advertised. I have purchased a few other barrels from other manufacturers and they have failed after two uses. Red head barrels are spot on and worth the money for sure.

  21. Buckmjones (verified owner)

    Very well crafted barrel. Sealed up right within an hour of its first fill. Great customer service, answer emails fast and fast shipping. I Have bought several other barrels from other companies and found glue, I chose this company because they build them the correct way no short cuts. because who likes being poisoned by glue?. . Will definitely be ordering from you guys again.

  22. bkerr (verified owner)

    i use the 5 litre barrels for aging cocktails, the results are superb! easy purchasing, quick delivery, seamless transaction. i highly recommend red head barrels

  23. phillakin (verified owner)

    I have purchased the 20 liter, 5 liter, and 3 liter barrels. All are of excellent quality, very well constructed, found to be absolutely water tight, and are just beautiful barrels. Several of them I had lazer engraved with a picture of one of my Blackface rams and they are the talk of my friends. Absolutely beautiful. I plan to order several more in the very near future since I am aging several different spirits. Thank you again Red Head Barrel for making my hobby that much more enjoyable.

  24. IRONMULE (verified owner)

    Where I live it’s against the law to make hard liquor at home. I can make beer but if the law men in these parts got wind of any corn-squeezins, around here there would be consequences. It’s cat-and-mouse between me and the revenoors. I’m the cat. Mainly because, as a speedtrap cop once told my wife, “I can stop anybody you see on the street anytime I want for at least 7 different violations they don’t know about.” I’m not what you’d call a scofflaw but I do have a healthy disdain for 99.9% of the foolishness politicians and their cronies visit upon me and my fellow citizens.

    So. When I was able to get my hands on some very high-quality squeezins that I saw prepared and distilled from start-to-finish, I wanted to take the white-lightnin edge off. A couple of hours in online research led me to RedHead Barrels. I got the 5-liter, swelled it for a week with distilled water and then poured in half of the gallon of 190 proof I had acquired, topping it off with 2 quarts of the same spring water used in fermenting the mash. I’m keeping the RedHead 5-Liter on a shelf in the saferoom. Now and then when I go in there, I get a whiff of that ancient good whiskey smell. Spirits indeed!

    This is the first experience I’ve had in aging the true home-brew. The distiller told me to keep it barreled for at least 80 days and don’t pull the bung because that slows (or stops? I don’t know…) the aging process. Another online suggestion I found said pouring the liquor over activated charcoal would smooth it out. I hear the longer it stays in the barrel, the smoother it gets. I imagine activated charcoal would soak up quite a bit of the liquor. I’ve decided to keep drinking Bonded Old Grand Dad and let the RedHead Reserve sit for a year before I taste it. (Good LORD willing.)

    I reckon Steve Mayes has as clear an understanding of his customer-base as any businessman I have ever encountered. The entire experience with RedHead Barrels has been a real pleasure. The email Steve sent to notify me of my RedHead Barrel’s departure from the barrelworks made me laugh right out loud. The man understands the good humor of quality hyperbole! In fact, I’m laughing right now…thinking to myself: “Next time I head west, I will pay a visit to Wylie Texas and RedHead Barrelworks. They are the kind of people doing the kind of business that really does make America such a unique place to live. Thanks to all at RedHead for a genuinely pleasant experience. Adios fer now…

  25. d_s_144

    As an amateur/hobby distiller, I made the mistake of buying a really crappy pair of barrels from, what I thought, was a reputable company. When they arrived, that had a sticker on each that read “Hecho in Mexico”. Hell no! The base was warped badly and they both looked poorly constructed. Turns out, they were! Total junk. After soaking and prepping each, they still leaked horribly and we lost the vast majority of our hard-earned libation. We ended up with 1.5 pints (PINTS!) Out of 5 liters. We finally found this establishment and have never looked back. We just opened a barrel, after a 1-year aging, on December 30, 2017. The taste and color are unbelievable (some of that is due to our hard work and diligence, but the rest is the barrel). We bottled just under a gallon of high-quality bourbon! It’s truly amazing and I challenge anyone on the planet to rate it at the bottom of a blind taste test against the big boys of the bourbon world! I enjoy bourbon very much and Red Head helped us achieve our lofty goals. We’re going to request a darker char (Medium +) for our next barrels and see how that performs. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with Red Head products, they’re an outstanding performer in an industry consumed by low-quality, mislabeled junk. If there was a 237-star rating, I would have given them 237 stars. And no, I’m not currently drinking my own bourbon, I’m at my desk at work. Thanks Red Head!

  26. randominfo@icloud.com (verified owner)

    I bought my husband one of these a year ago for Christmas. He liked it so much I bought him two more and am buying him another for his birthday. It’s turned into a bit of a hobby for him.
    He’s a huge bourbon snob so I’m pleasantly surprised he likes the taste these barrels produce.
    Highly recommend.

  27. mgmed (verified owner)

    I recently bought a 5 L barrel, my 3rd one. I cant say enough about Steve & Red Head Barrels. High quality, easy to use, great customer service and fun to experiment. I am trying to make my own bourbon, therefore I am still in the testing phase, but so far, I haven’t made anything that I didn’t like. Highly recommend!!!

  28. Harold Elias-Perciful (verified owner)

    It is amazing, in our attempts to save money we purchased the barrels to turn lead into gold. We were not disappointed, alchemy worked, we turned cheap whiskey into great whiskey. I would not have believed the difference was possible, not that big a change; tasting was believing. This is our fifth barrel.

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