20 Liter Oak Aging Barrel

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Each 20 liter oak barrel includes a bung, spigot, stand, paper funnel and instruction card.  


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Suitable for use by small distilleries, these 20 liter whiskey barrels for sale still make an excellent choice for wine makers or home brewers looking to make larger batches for sharing or storing in bottles. These generous barrels measure in at 15″ x 12″ and can hold the contents of about twenty five 750 ml bottles of liquor wine or spirits, and produce up to 676 1 oz shots. These expertly constructed barrels are made to be used over and over. As the 100% Natural American Oak holds your favorite liquor, wine or spirit, it allows its contents to breath and purges out any impurities. The perfectly charred barrel imparts its delicious mellowing flavor into the liquid while absorbing some of the wonderful characteristics of liquor itself. Your next batch will benefit from the delicious notes left behind, making each batch more flavorful, robust and unique than the previous creation. Many of our clients enjoy experimenting with our extensive offering of flavoring and essences kits to either create their own unique flavor concoctions or to mirror the flavored liquors that are so popular now, but all at a fraction of the cost. These sturdy barrels come equipped with a stand, bung, spigot and easy to follow instructions. Like all of our barrel sizes, the 20 liter whiskey barrels for sale can be ordered with a classic barrel head or engraved to your specifications. For ideas on how to make delicious large batch whiskeys, bourbons, tequilas, wine or even gourmet vinegars, visit our extensive library of recipes or check out our step-by-step Youtube videos for results that you are sure to love!

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in

19 reviews for 20 Liter Oak Aging Barrel

  1. cody.fricke.1 (verified owner)

    Great quality and one of the most competitive prices I found. It’s an attractive barrel and well made. Curing directions were very easy and there was no excessive leaking. I will be sure to order again.

  2. Edwi Richards

    I bought the 1 litre barrel with several different flavors to try. 1st one was a burbon and I was pleased with the results, 2nd was a raspberry that, well I will drink it mixed with something now on to the scotch that is a good one. I will be doing some more, but will try a better vodka for the next. Would recomend Red Head to any one that wants to give this way of making thier own flavored spirits. PS: The barrel looks good on my desk.

  3. tmartin256 (verified owner)

    These barrels, made by an American made company, can’t be beat. Good quality and good price for that quality. No leaks after appropriate treatment. And great customer service.

  4. jmyersicr (verified owner)

    I am now on my 4th Redhead barrel which I find to be of heavier construction than other barrels on the market. I recently gave a beer making buddy my emptied rye whiskey Redhead barrel to age his Irish Stout home-brew. His beer and my Irish Whiskey both turned out excellent. I am currently aging a batch of home distilled tequila in that same barrel and it is still as tight as my Uncle Carl’s wallet. Can’t wait to sample my tequila in another year. After that, I may have to retire the barrel as a shop stool or kindling box for my wood stove. Thanks for a great value.

  5. Nathan Toland (verified owner)

    I live in a very dry climate – the barrel came in and I was a little worried at how the humidity would affect the seal. I followed the instructions – filled it up with hot water, and let it sit. Initially, it dribbled pretty good. After a few days that barrel swelled up tight (instructions say wait seven). I filled the barrel with my product and there it sits. 20L of fluid on the inside, dry as a bone on the outside. I’ll update in about 10 months, but so far everything is exceeding my expectations.

  6. ddtoland (verified owner)

    i just filled my 3rd redhead barrel. loving the quality and the results of aging in the 20 liter barrel.

  7. OBARSI (verified owner)

    My experience with redheadbarrels has been excellent.

    I use oak barrels for aging wine. I am completely satisfied with the 20 liter oak barrel.

    I am currently engaging my 2018 Sangue di Giovo (80% Sangiovese and 20% Carignane grapes). It is tasting great and I will probably bottle it in July 2019.

  8. Travis McConnell

    These Oak Aging Barrels are great hand crafted products! High quality and amazing customer service! If you are lookyto age your own booze look no further than Red Head Barrels!

  9. ddtoland (verified owner)

    I have several 20L barrels from another company which have disappointed me either due to prolonged leaks or poor quality overall.
    Purchase the Red Head barrel in February of this year and am stunned at the difference in quality, This barrel has zero leaks (after curing) and has significantly higher quality in wood, bands and overall workmanship.
    I will be buying my barrels from Red Head from now on!

  10. JJ (verified owner)

    I have an oak barrel from another company and it leaks. The Red Head 20 liter I have didn’t leak a drop. I could tell the higher quality when I first saw it. Very well made. No knots or cracks. Don’t even shop around. You’ll pay the same price for a high quality product here.

  11. gurphaben

    I purchased 2 of the Ageless 20 Liter Oak Barrels several weeks ago and built 2 “C Note” bookshelf speakers out of them. Over the holiday, I purchased the C Note speaker kit from Parts Express and wanted something a bit more unique than the MDF speaker case provided with the kit. Red Head Barrels 20 Liter Ageless Barrels were the perfect size for this speaker system so I took a chance and ordered them. They arrived a few short days later and were perfect for this build. It took me a couple of days to complete the speakers and to my surprise, they sound great. I would be wrong to mention how good they look as well. A complete review of the speakers with pictures of the Red Head Oak Barrels can be found at Parts Express under the C Note Speaker Kit. I would have provided a picture here but found no way to do so. I am a big fan of Red Head Barrels and look forward to purchasing them again in the future. The links to the Ageless Barrels are no longer active so this type of barrel may no longer be available.

  12. donswans (verified owner)

    Was very pleased with the barrel exactly as discribed.
    They kept me updated with the shipping info. And when I was to receive it. I can’t say enough about their customer care. Very impressed.

  13. bigowb (verified owner)

    Originally purchased one barrel that leaked profusely. Sent pictures to Red Head & received a replacement barrel at no cost which did not leak. I then purchased two more that cured perfectly & did not leak. SATISFIED CUSTOMER!

  14. wshirley (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a charred 5 gallon red oak keg from Red Head and it arrived very quickly and in excellent shape. After a couple days soaking and cleaning I put in 3+ gallons of new mead for ageing. There was a problem with the spigot splitting but that was easy to remedy as they had sent me two spigots. I lost very little mead. It has been a couple of weeks in the keg now and samples show the mead is attaining a very nice bourbon quality which is followed with a great honey back flavor. It’s going to be a prize winner for sure! Anyone brewing should age in charred-oak, it makes all the difference, and these folks seem to be really good on service and response time. I’ve been brewing since 1969 and this is the nicest company I have worked with.
    Helm Egilsson of Birka
    aka Will Shirley

  15. brandon (verified owner)

    We picked up a 20 liter and two 10 liter oak aging barrels and had our logo added to them as gifts. The recipients loved them, and I have had the chance to taste one of the cocktails aged in them so far, which turned out beautifully. The logo looks great. The barrel is well sealed with a great spout to pour the fine results. I plan to order more in the future.

  16. phillakin (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the 20 liter oak aging barrel and I was so impressed with it’s appearance and quality I purchased four more barrels. Let me add that they do an outstanding job of personalisation on the barrel ends as well.

  17. dvaradouro (verified owner)

    My first barrel, I ordered kind of last minute and got it very quick as promise. It didn’t require long soaking to get it to seal.
    Very happy so far with my purchase.
    My “Angelica” is aging now, will post once I have my first glass in a couple years.
    Thank you Red Head Barrels.

  18. Fred Echtner (verified owner)

    My first batch of rye is nearly completed. Excellent color and very smooth. The barrel is well made and sealed very quickly. I am ordering another one. I highly recommend Red Head products. –Fred

  19. rbshamp (verified owner)

    I have purchased this product three times now and have been more than pleased. I have also referred friends to this item and they have also been extremely pleased. Unlike several other makers of this product which require long term soaking to get them to seal. This product seals every time immediately and provides a nice flavor to your spirits. This is a must buy and great value over other products that are out there on the market today.

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