2 Liter Whiskey Infused Barrel

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This item takes up to 5-7 days before shipping.

Our popular 2 liter charred oak barrel is cured with the whiskey flavor of your choice. Now when you receive the barrel it is ready to use. No curing necessary. Just pour your whiskey or whatever in and let the flavoring begin. You can choose from Kentucky Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, Spiced Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey and more.

Why cure the barrel with water or even let your own prized whiskey soak in to the wood. If you are aging an Irish Whiskey for example you may want to have it precured with an Irish Whiskey. Or you may want to try out some new flavors by having a barrel cured with one thing and aging something different in it. The new liquor will pull in the flavor that has been soaked in to the wood and give you some great new flavor profiles. If you haven’t tried something that was aged in a different liquors barrel then you have got to try it now. Try aging rum in a bourbon barrel or scotch in a Irish whiskey infused barrel. The combinations are endless and you can make whatever you like just to your tastes.

NOTE – You will need to fill the barrel with your alcohol as soon as you receive it so it doesn’t dry out. Once an infused barrel dries out it may not seal up again. These barrels take an extra 2-3 days before shipping.


Each infused barrel comes with a stand, bung and spigot.

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