2 Liter Oak Aging Barrel

All Red Head Oak Barrels are 100% Guaranteed or your money back

One of our most popular sizes especially for gift giving the 2 liter oak aging barrel will hold a 1.75 Liter (1/2 gallon) bottle of liquor. Have it personalized or engraved to show what you have aging on the inside. The rapid aging affect of these small oak barrels is awesome. You will get great color and flavor in only a few weeks when it usually takes the distilleries years to get it. Now you can make your own personalized flavor just the way you like it. Each 2 Liter oak barrel includes a bung, spigot, stand, paper funnel and instruction card.


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Sized at 7″x 6″ the 2- liter barrel is our best seller! Our 2 Liter whiskey barrels for sale are just the right size to fit comfortably on a kitchen counter or to be displayed proudly in a home bar. Handcrafted by a multi-generational team of master coopers these sturdy barrels are made of 100% American White Oak. Because these craftsmen follow exacting standards, sanding and tapering the wood, our barrels are made without any nails or glue that can interfere with the taste of your custom blend. The barrels are medium charred and lend a delicious caramel character to any whiskey, tequila, gin, wine or beer stored in them. Many repeat customers buy our 2-liter barrels  to age multiple batches of their favorite liquors at the same time or give them as gifts. They say the essence of sweet vanilla imparted by the medium char gives even bottom shelf liquors the signature taste that is so recognizable in premium and reserve blends all at a fraction of the cost. Using the barrel alone, you can turn an average priced liquor into a top shelf version of itself. Our flavoring kits allow neutral flavored liquors such as vodka to be flavored to taste like whiskey, rum or any other flavor you desire. Each 2 Liter whiskey barrels for sale will hold the contents of one 1.75L bottle of spirits and produce 67 one-ounce shots. Every oak aging barrel comes with a wooden spigot, a bung, a stand and a medium char. For great ideas on how to get the most out of your 2L barrel, check out our great YouTube videos for tips and recipes!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

33 reviews for 2 Liter Oak Aging Barrel

  1. johnny_b

    My wife surprised me with this for my birthday! Barrel is really great quality and arrived in perfect condition. The instructions were really easy to follow and all the instructional videos were a huge help. I started aging my first cocktail (a Negroni) and am looking forward to trying it in a week or two!

  2. Luke (verified owner)

    The curing process was easy and the first batch of aged spirit we put through it (gin) came out very nicely. No real leaks. The barrel looks and smells great. We have a cocktail aging in it now and look forward to trying it when it’s ready. Great product. Would recommend it and we plan on buying another one.

  3. Jennifer Devine (verified owner)

    My husband loved the 2L barrel. We watched the videos (very useful) and just got done successfully curing the barrel. We now have our first batch of spirits inside. I could really see this turning into a fun hobby we can do together. Totally recommend!

  4. danielducharme1979 (verified owner)

    I recently received my 2 liter barrel. The communication was great with the emailed messages and information about my barrel arriving. My barrel was in great shape when it arrived. It cured very well. I just had a little pinhole spot where there was a little drop leaking occasionally. It sealed great with a dab of barrel wax, and no issues since.
    My wife and I love barrel aged Manhattan’s at our favorite restaurant, my goal is to reproduce them at home.
    I mixed the Manhattan ingredients and added them to the barrel and waited 2 weeks to test it. The results are great so far. It was just a little sweet so I added a little more bourbon and waited another week to taste test it.
    The results are fantastic!
    I’m bottling it up and have batch 2 ready to go. Our 2 liter barrel will be used solely for our Manhattan’s, but I can’t wait to get another barrel to make some Scotch aged in a Sherry barrel.
    We love our RedHead barrel and can’t say enough good things about them. The whole operation with the information and recipes are great. We can’t wait to share our drinks with friends over the holidays.
    Great Work RedHead!!!

  5. pgareau

    The Barrel is very nice and the instructions on youtube are very helpful. I recommend watching them before using your barrel as they are very informative and help prevent issues. My barrel did have an issue sealing and when I contacted customer service they sent barrel wax right away. worked perfectly and there are no more issues. Highly recommend

  6. Michael Schubert (verified owner)

    Awesome barrel! They included a shot glass with it and mine broke in shipping, so they had to resend the barrel accessories…which they did extremely quickly. In fact, when I emailed them to ask for a new set and explain the situation, I think they replied in less than 15 minutes. Super cool. And my first batch of black tea and orange infused old fashioneds has been aging for about a month and tastes sublime. Thank you! Will definitely be purchasing another one.

  7. Stuart R Smith (verified owner)


    I had a problem with my first barrel. The good news is that your customer service is fantastic. It confirmed my judgement. When shopping for a product, I researched several and came to the conclusion that RedHead was the product to choose. Jennifer helped me and I am more than happy with the result.

    For my first application I went to the local liquor store and bought the lowest price bourbon they offered. After six weeks in the barrel it is very smooth, far better than the original product.

    Thank you for your excellent product, service and support.

    Stuart Smith

  8. bobp01975 (verified owner)

    Very nice works great the 2 liter barrel I received is everything

  9. misslyss19 (verified owner)

    I purchased this barrel as a gift for my godfather. I had it engraved with a personalized message and it turned out awesome! Very fast shipping, excellent customer service, and my godfather absolutely loved it! AmaZing quality and a fun and unique gift. My uncle has made a few cocktails with it so far and has loved how they’ve turned out.

  10. tsulka55 (verified owner)

    Let’s get right down to “Why” you read reviews. The 2 Liter barrel, I received is everything- I hoped and expected, a GREAT GIFT or personal buy. The scotch, I have and continue to aged inside is smoothed and has a pure finish. As you progress in your aging endeavors, you will find a perfect time-line for ‘How long,’ ‘What kind of Scotch’ (I use a big box store brand from Aberdeen, Scotland) Around $20 for 1.75L,
    It will take some time to seal and soak barrel, so be patient because after this is done correctly you just have to fill and wait …so enjoy a dram or two and settle into a rewarding moment.

    If I may offer a few points:
    1-Use a inexpensive Scotch or Irish. One that you would buy for everyday or general sipping. If you want a Top Shelf buy an expensive one and slowly enjoy. Use these barrel and you will not be disappointed.
    2- Be Patient, I don’t mean wait forever just 3-4 week makes a great whiskey.
    3- Always have some whiskey in the barrel aging “DO NOT LET IS JUST SIT EMPTY. This is cheaper than a boat and you’ll find it is easier to use.


  11. dino155p (verified owner)

    I purchased a 2 LT personalized barrel, delivery was very fast and I received a call confirming everything down to the personalization. I followed the instructions but after a week or two when I rotated the barrel it began to leak. I purchased some barrel wax applied it and the problem was fixed. All in all this is awesome product and would recommend to anyone.

  12. Kristi (verified owner)

    5 stars for customer service and 5 stars for quality! They kept me updated with each step of the making progress with hilarious and personalized emails. The whole process only took about 1 week from order to delivery. Quick and organized!

  13. lloyddt (verified owner)

    Has worked great so far. Leaked pretty good at first, but everything swelled up just like it should and our first batch is in with no problems. Would recommend.

  14. walterjakubowski

    I bought this for myself. I love the size of the barrel, and how well it’s built. I also love Tennessee Whisky Enhancer. It was exactly as if I was drinking a store bought Jack Daniels. Now I am aging a Scotch Malt enhancer.

  15. Gregory Ralph (verified owner)

    I love this little barrel! I put some unaged brandies and a couple different cognacs in and left them for about 2 months. The blend turned out fantastic with a wood flavor that’s like nothing I have tried before.

  16. Marcus (verified owner)

    Very good quality! Will be ordering again. Time was taken on barrels during construction and shipping as well! Plus get a cool shot glass

  17. Cody (verified owner)

    One of my favorite breweries made a Rye Whiskey barrel aged Belgian Tripel that was one of the best beers I’ve tasted. Unfortunately, they closed their doors and I haven’t found anything comparable to it. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and purchased a 2 liter barrel. I just poured my first batch of rye into bottles last night after a 5 week rest and it turned out fantastic. Incredibly smooth and very oaky. It’ll be hard to drink the normal stuff now.

    The barrel itself is expertly constructed and never once leaked during the curing or aging process. It also looks really cool sitting on the counter.

  18. Bryan

    I have a 2L oak barrel, my first one. Was one of the best gifts I received in a long time. It was easy to cure…leaked when I first added water but sealed up in a couple days. Just created my first batch of Manhattans and it came out awesome and the barrel looks great on my bar. The smaller barrel is great and I will use it to make smaller batches of different recipes. But I will be ordering a larger barrel, a 3 or 5 liter, to keep Manhattans or Old Fashioneds ready. Overall very happy.

  19. pjones (verified owner)

    I ordered the 2 liter barrel on late Monday evening, received it Thursday afternoon. Great packaging, supurb craftsmanship!!! I went to cure the barrel and Voila! just a seep at the head that sealed within the hour. I will be ordering more barrrels for a constant rotation.

  20. cjw2also

    bought the 2L barrel to try my hand at some Bourbon aging. It is a great size to try multiple flavors in less time. Really liked the personalized engraving. They even contacted me about my engraving to insure it was accurate and to my liking. Looking forward to trying lots of different recipes.

  21. Michael (verified owner)

    I have a 10L barrel, which is great for the long haul and the serious commitment. Just picked up a 2L for a bit more versatility. Both are great barrels: the craftsmanship is so high that you are basically acquiring a work of American folk art. And you certainly will be happy with the results. On top of that, you could not ask for more helpful, courteous, and responsive customer service. These people want you to have a great experience with their product. This is the kind of company that makes you want to keep doing business with them. I know I will be.

  22. sangen (verified owner)

    We purchased two 2L barrels and started aging a barrel for Manhattans and one for Negronis. The barrels are a perfect size for a long term hobby and the company support and readily accessible information have been terrific and fun. We were referred to this company by a friend who has used them with great results. We are expecting no less with our aging process. I’ve already convinced my brother to buy a barrel and he hasn’t even tasted the final product yet.

  23. Kiki

    Received the 2L Oak Barrel for Christmas. Great instructions and easy to prep.
    Made a wonderful batch of Manhattans.
    Website very helpful. Great craftsmanship.
    Getting ready to order one for a gift.

  24. paulamrtn3 (verified owner)

    I bought this barrel for my husband for Christmas. I’ve never seen him so happy for a gift before! The barrel and personalized logo added to it were in fantastic condition and looked great. I would recommend to anyone interested!

  25. trex12601 (verified owner)

    I bought this barrel in June, 2018 on a recommendation from a fellow bourbon drinker. It looks awesome on my bar and I get compliments whenever we have guests. More importantly the drinks taste great and the customer service experience is top notch! Steve and his team make the entire process easy. To date I have produced three, 2 liter batches. The first 2 batches were bourbon manhattans. I used top shelf bourbon, bitters, vermouth and aged them to perfection. Delicious! For the third batch I have been aging a local Upstate New York State Rye. I sampled it last night after about 4 weeks in the barrel. The oak and residual Manhattan flavorings smooth it out nicely. I look forward to drinking this batch with family and friends over Thanksgiving (if it lasts until then). I am getting ready to order a personalized barrel for my son in law for Christmas. He was visiting us in August and helped me finish the first batch. If you are reading this, trust me, you need to buy one or two! You will not be disappointed in the quality, service and tastes.
    Happy Aging!

  26. Rrhughes1995 (verified owner)

    Could not be happier with our barrel. The quality of the barrel and engraving is very nice. Surprised my husband with a personalized barrel and he loves it. Also in just a few weeks we can taste a difference in the rum we aged. Already looking to order another for us and a gift for a friend.

  27. Jeff Vetter (verified owner)

    This is the first barrel I purchased from Red Head Barrels after receiving two as a Christmas gift two years ago. I found the purchase experience easy and hassle free. The barrel arrived quicker then I expected. I’m currently aging Tequila for about three months after which I plan to remove the Tequila and replace it with a batch of Long Island Ice Tea for two to three months using some of the removed Tequila. I have done this in the past and it tastes great! The problem is that the mixture usually doesn’t make it that long! I’m about ready for another one.

  28. kymmie262003 (verified owner)

    My whole experience with Red Head Oak Barrels was superior. I bought a barrel for my husband birthday. I called in with questions and was given the Information I needed and help in ordering my barrel. My barrel arrived in excellent condition and the engraving was spot on. It took 24 hours to seal and he used it right away. We have been aging for about a month and the taste is already delicious and smooth. I told all of my family and friends about the company. Get you will not be disappointed.

    Kimberly Brown

  29. jsulliva (verified owner)

    First barrel purchase. Followed the curing instructions and everything worked out great. Don’t rush the curing process. Aging a Manhattan in it currently. Looking forward to enjoying the finished product.

  30. Brittany Logue (verified owner)

    I purchased this barrel for my husband for Christmas and he loves it! He aged a whiskey first for a little over a week and it turned out great. We will likely purchase more barrels in the future. The barrel arrived incredibly quickly and the company has been very communicative.

  31. Lisa (verified owner)

    Second barrel purchased. Completely satisfied. Great product and customer service. Thanks

  32. Travis McLaren (verified owner)

    I gave this to an employee as a gift. The personalized laser engraving was really nicely done. He seasoned it as directed then aged some decent red wine for two weeks in it. It made that wine really good, though two weeks was the limit for that new barrel…any longer would have been too much oak. After the wine, he put an unarmed whiskey and is now on the second week with it.

    Overall, a really good quality product and seems to be a great way to quickly improve wine or spirits.

  33. Jeff B (verified owner)

    Bought this as a gift for my parents who operate a wine vineyard in Central California. Had it custom engraved. They loved it. My dad commented on how nice the barrel looked. As they cannot get a hold of grain alcohol in any of their liquor stores, they filled it up with vodka.

    Great gift, great conversation piece and fits in very well with country style decor or on a bar. I would def. buy again. Steve was great to work with, responded fast during my design work and shipped out pronto.

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