Affordable Whiskies That You Can Stock On Your Home Bar

Affordable Whiskies That You Can Stock On Your Home BarIt feels good to spend some time in your home bar after working so hard during the day. A glass of whisky can help you relax your body and mind as you observe the star studded sky. It is good to stuff some whisky in your home bar and let it age more before opening. Your whisky does not need to be expensive for it to help you relax and enjoy the night. There are available whiskies in the market (prices that ranges from $10 to $100) that can serve you well without breaking your wallet.

An American Bourbon for your Home Bar

  •  A bottle of Evan Williams Black Label can help you out if you love to create cocktails. This bourbon is very versatile and can match up most types of drinks. A bottle of this would only cost you $12.

Home Bar: The American Rye

  •  If you are on the go for a Manhanttan cocktail, a bottle of Rittenhouse 100 can do the trick. Its spicy flavor is comparable to its expensive counterparts. A bottle would only cost you $15.

Home Bar: The Canadian Whisky

  •  This whisky is light and very versatile as well. It actually won a double gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2009. A bottle would only cost you $12.

Home Bar: The Irish Whisky

  •  This whisky can be mixed with an Irish coffee to give it some kick. An Irish whisky would only cost you $21.

The Blended Scotch Whisky

  •  The Ballentine;s blended scotch whisky can be mixed with a soda without disturbing its distinct taste. A bottle can also cost you $18.

 The Single Malt Scotch Whisky

  •  Single malt scotch whiskies are quite expensive. Even though it is pricey, its taste can make you forget how much you spent. For a 375 ml bottle of Glenlivet  malt scotch whisky, which is about 12 years-old, can cost you $22. You can actually keep this type of whisky in your oak barrel to further add the age and just bring it out during special occasions.

These are some ideas of whiskies that you can stock up on your home bar to entertain you and your future guests.

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