A Review Of The Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila

Cabo Wabo Blanco TequilaTequila connoisseurs always have a favorite, or a brand they can name right off the top of their heads.  Rock fans from the 80s and 90s will instantly recognize Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila, and maybe even in certain areas of California, since it is starting to make a comeback.  its a famous brand because of its famous creator and founder, Sammy Hagar of Van Halen and is brand encompasses three styles of tequila, which I’ve had the pleasure of tasting.  I’ve had blanco straight and in cocktails and its an awesome tequila, but not the best I’ve ever tried.

Quite possibly the reason this tequila is so popular is because of its famous founder, in addition to genius marketing tactics, but I am of leery about liquor that is created or endorsed by celebrities.  I generally like to know very little about what I drink and I don’t care to know who’s behind the brand.  Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila is one of the most famous brands because of Sammy Hagar and he is hard to avoid.  Quite a few newbie rock and rollers want to be associated with this brand en order to boost their own image and get in on the seemingly endless marketing tactics this brand creates especially since Hagar himself signed a guitar and case of Cabo Wabo to charity with his car on a Barrett Jackson celebrity charity auction! It makes it hard to be subjective when taste testing the brand.

Putting the marketing hoopla to the side, I am more inclined to agree with the sentiment of tequila connoisseurs that say its mediocre at best.  I have tasted the finest refined tequilas and I have tasted many brands who are not quite up to par.  Cabo Wabo Blanco tequila  can be placed almost dead center of the tequila spectrum.  It’s honestly not worth its $40 price tag, but because of the famous name behind the brand, they can afford that.  A more realistic price would be around $25-$30, comparable to a smooth Patron Silver at $40 a bottle.   Diddy’s Ciroc or Trump’s Vodka could easily pass for cheaper tasting vodkas, but with the name behind the brand, they can afford to markup the price; because people will pay for it.

This is not to say that I do not like the taste of Cabo Wabo Blanco tequila  like I enjoy Jose Cuervo Gold (This is what you need to avoid that hangover!). I prefer others, but it does have the potential to become a fan favorite. Its not my favorite to drink straight (no chaser) either, but I do enjoy it in cocktails. I do not recommend you drink this straight or as a sipper, but mix it with other drinks to make cocktails smoother.  Some drinks you could try Cabo Wabo Blanco tequila in include: tequila sunrise, margaritas or  Juan Collins or Toronha, and you will be pleasantly surprised.  I have yet to make or taste a tequila mix that Cabo Wabo Blanco tequila would mix well in. You can substitute it for your favorite, blond floral tasting tequila in just about any drink you mix.

Notes on Taste:

Once you open the bottle, your nose will get a sweet floral start from the Cabo Wabo Blanco tequila. It has slightly bitter notes with an oily palate coupled with a hint of agave and earthy tones. Its finish is mild and burns less than some other tequilas, which is great for the casual drinker.  As it has a nice spice hint, a bitterness in the aftertaste makes it unwonted.

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