6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wooden Barrels for Sale


For millennia, distillers have used oak barrels to store, ferment, and age their liquor. The structure of the wooden barrel minimizes the presence of oxygen, allowing for slow, controlled oxygenation that imparts color and stability. A range of chemical compounds in the wood also yields a specific flavor, texture, and aroma to the stored whiskey.

The character imparted to your whiskey may depend on a variety of factors ranging from the type of oak wood used to the seasoning of the staves and degree of toasting. You may need to assess the wood barrels for sale available before picking one that will produce a flavor, aroma, and texture that you like.

Here are tips for picking the right wooden barrels for sale.

1. Pick the Right Wood

Everything lies with finding the correct staves to make your barrel. Oak is the most popular wood option as it contains fewer resins which can impart off-flavors on the drink stored. Besides, it contains denser wood grain which helps limit the amount of whiskey lost on “angels share.” You may opt for different types of oaks, with the origin determining the flavor compounds present. Inquire about the oaks used in making the wooden barrels for sale.

2. Get Your Specification Right

The texture of your wine may lie in the seasoning of the staves and toasting by the cooper. Before the barrel is full with your favorite liquor, the insides may require scorching. The cooper may embed an open fire on the insides while it caramelizes the outside of the staves. The process makes it easier for the whiskey to draw out the wood characteristic flavors. Inquire about the degree of roast that the wood barrels for sale undergo.

Moreover, you can request additional detailing on the barrel surface to customize your unit. You can personalize your unit to make it reflect your name, brand, or special occasion. Are you confused about getting the ideal wedding gift? Think wooden barrels for sale.

3. Determine the Ideal Size

You may also need to figure out the barrel size for your wine. You can opt for mini barrels as small as a liter to large oak casks holding up to 53 gallons. Red Head Oak Barrels offers new, small, wooden barrels for sale, including one-, two-, five-, and ten-liter capacity. Small oak barrels age liquor faster, allowing you to enjoy your favorite bourbon in no time.

4. New vs. Used Barrels

Wooden barrels generally lose their ability to impart significant flavor to whiskey after several years of use and reuse. Purchasing used barrels after three to four aging processes may not be advisable. New barrels can impart stronger flavor punch and are more structurally sound.

5. Inspect the Barrel for Defects

Upon receipt of your wooden barrels for sale, you may need to cure them and inspect the barrel for any defects. Curing may involve soaking the barrel with hot water to expand the staves, which plug all holes and gaps. If the barrel continues to leak, contact the manufacturer.

6. Go for Quality Over Cost

While cost may be an important factor in your decision-making process, you should not sacrifice quality over price. The wooden barrels for sale with incredible wood structure and design may cost more than low-quality units. However, they are worth the investment. Besides, investing in a good unit will help you get ideal results.

The right wood barrels for sale can impact the final product you get, whether it is whiskey or any other liquor. The above tips will point you in the right direction when seeking the perfect wooden barrels for sale at a price that fits your budget. If you need help in picking wood barrels for sale, reach out to Red Head Oak Barrels. Age your liquor to perfection through our range of mini whiskey barrels.

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