6 Cool Wedding Themes for Whiskey Lovers

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Your wedding is a chance to celebrate who you are as a couple and to bring your wedding guests into your world. Gone are the days of carbon copy weddings. Today, it’s all about making it personal and adding your unique flair.

In today’s world, weddings also don’t have to be all about lace and cupcakes. There are plenty of ways to incorporate everyone’s style and make your wedding yours and yours alone.

One great way to personalize your wedding is by incorporating some of your interests. If you and your fiance are whiskey lovers, here are some cool wedding themes to build that passion into your special day.

Cool Wedding Themes for Whiskey Lovers

Any wedding planner will tell you that a great wedding starts with a great theme. Try these themes that incorporate your love of whiskey:

1. A Taste of Love

For a true whiskey lover, a whiskey tasting is pure joy. It’s the only way to learn the intricate differences between various types and flavors of whiskey. It also helps your palate evolve so you can enjoy the subtleties of whiskey more.

You can share this fun activity with your wedding guests by setting up a whiskey tasting station at your reception. Let guests try your favorite types of whiskey. Hire an expert to explain the basics of whiskey and the difference between various types (like Scotch whiskey vs. Tennessee whiskey).

To truly embrace the tasting theme, carry it through to your food. Give guests small amounts of many courses and dishes rather than using larger amounts of a few staples.

2. Distilling Our Joy

One of the most important choices you’ll make in planning your wedding is choosing a venue. The right venue can be its own theme and it can be the key to a personalized wedding. Have you thought about a distillery wedding?

A whiskey distillery can be the perfect wedding venue for a couple who loves whiskey. First, the environment offers unique and beautiful scenery. Many distilleries have rustic entertaining areas.

Second, you can ask the distillery to provide a tour to your guests. You may need a few tours depending on how many guests you have. This is built-in entertainment and it’s a way to teach your guests about the art of making whiskey.

Finally, can you imagine what beautiful wedding photos you could take in a room full of wooden barrels? If you’re looking for a rustic style, you’d be hard pressed to find a better background.

3. 1960s Throwback

If you and your fiance are Mad Men fans, channel your inner Don Draper and bring that classic style of the early 1960s into your wedding. After all, you can’t avoid falling in love with the way the ad execs in the show would pour a glass of whiskey after every meeting.

From a vintage venue and decor to retro attire for the couple and the wedding party, you can embrace this fun style. For an even more immersive look, you can ask wedding guests to dress in accordance with the era, too.

4. Classy Cigar Club

If you want your wedding to have an even more old world, masculine feel, consider booking a cigar club for your venue. If you can’t find a true cigar club, you can still create the same feel in any locale with luxurious leather and wooden fixtures.

For the guests’ enjoyment, you can offer your favorite whiskey and cigar pairings. It’s the perfect way to transport them to a classy life of exclusive luxury. Just be sure to have a place where guests with asthma or an aversion to cigar smoke can enjoy their evening as well.

5. Embracing Your Culture

There are plenty of places around the world that are known for their whiskey: Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Japan, and certain areas within the United States. If you or your fiance has a background in one of these places, embrace it.

Incorporating your cultural background is a great way to help guests get to know you better as a couple. It’s a common tradition for people in the US with Scottish ancestry to have kilts and bagpipes at their weddings. However, there are plenty of ways to have a traditional Irish wedding, Japanese wedding, or whatever your cultural background may be.

If you both have strong connections to your culture, your wedding is a great opportunity to blend them together. You can honor the traditions of both your families while creating a new identity as a couple.

6. The Finer Things

Different types of whiskey can have different personalities. For instance, Tennessee whiskey has a distinctly southern country feel. Scotch whiskey, on the other hand, is associated with luxury and class.

If you’re a fan of the top shelf life, bring that to your guests with a “finer things” theme. Choose a classy venue like a mansion, a library, or a museum. Introduce your guests to some of your favorite ways to indulge, like your favorite whiskeys. Opt for classy, theme-appropriate music.

You can even get more specific with these fun theme. For instance, weddings designed in the Great Gatsby style of the roaring ’20s have become popular. If you and your fiance enjoy intellectual endeavors, go for an academic style.

Making Your Wedding Your Own

On your wedding day, your guests are coming to celebrate you as a couple. They’re there to honor your marriage and to usher you into the next phase of your lives. It’s the perfect opportunity to give them a window into who you are as a couple by incorporating your interests with cool wedding themes.

Still, avoid trying to cram too much into one wedding. You might enjoy skiing, hiking, technology, and soccer, but you don’t have to incorporate it all. It’s best to choose one theme that speaks to both of you and carry it through. If you both share a love of whiskey, the themes above can be great ways to share it with your guests beyond offering whiskey at the bar.

If you’re going for a DIY whiskey-themed wedding, buy your own wooden barrels to add to your decor.

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