3 Top Reasons You Should Invest in Small Whiskey Barrels

small whiskey barrels

If you love your whiskey or bourbon, then you should consider investing in small whiskey barrels. Small oak barrels are perfect for aging all types of spirits including gin, vodka, cognac, and moonshine. The good thing is that small oak barrels age liquor faster than large oak barrels, and you may even start tasting your whiskey after two weeks. Oak whiskey barrels made from quality American White Oak elevate whiskey’s flavor notes, giving your aged whiskey a superior flavor.

If you’re on the fence about using small whiskey barrels for aging your whiskey, the following benefits will ease you to buy small whiskey barrels for sale.

Small Oak Whiskey Barrels Add Distinct Flavor Notes to Your Whiskey

The type of barrels you use for aging your whiskey will determine the flavor of your liquor. To get the finest and crispest taste in your whiskey, you want to get wooden barrels made from the best American White Oak. The finest wood barrels for sale are made from fully mature oak trees that are at least 30 years old. White Oak has the distinct ability to elevate the flavor of not only whiskey but also rum, tequila, beer, and wine.

Some of the flavor notes you get from small oak barrels include vanilla, coconut, and honey. You may use other wooden barrels made from hickory or maple, but white oak barrels are by far the best for aging whiskey. That’s why the top American distillers only use new charred oak barrels to age Bourbon, which is America’s only native spirit as declared by Congress in 1964. Besides being aged in oak barrels, Bourbon is also bottled no less than 80 proof, and stored at no more than 125 proof.

Therefore, when you get small oak barrels for aging your whiskey, you’ll feel a superior flavor in your whiskey. The distinct taste in your favorite whiskey after aging it for as short as two weeks will be worth your investment in small oak aging barrels. Aging happens faster in small whiskey barrels because of the increased interior barrel surface area in relation to the stored volume. Oak tannins and lignin produce the fine fragrance, aroma, and flavor you taste in your aged whiskey.

Small Whiskey Barrels Give You the Flexibility to Experiment with Different Flavors

Commercial distilleries use large whiskey aging barrels when producing liquor. This serves them efficiently because they have already settled on the flavors they want to make and produce in bulk. However, for a hobbyist who is looking at aging whiskey at home, a small whiskey barrel will fit the bill. Most likely, you’ll want to experiment with some of your favorite whisky brands before the barrel reaches the end of its service life. A small oak bottle will be more convenient for you because it will allow you to experiment with new flavors and infusions in small quantities. With a one-liter or five-liter whiskey barrel, you can try out new flavors without committing to large quantities.

Small Wooden Barrels for Sale Will Also Serve Other Purposes

The excellent craftsmanship of wood barrels gives them a rustic and fashionable appeal. As such, with the right design, you can use wooden barrels to complement bar décor exquisitely. Additionally, you may use wooden barrels to store aged pickles, hot sauce and pepper, infused cigars and tobacco, aged coffee, maple syrup, and vanilla extract. Wooden barrels can also be used as part of man cave décor, and as wedding gifts. You may buy oak barrels for these purposes, or repurpose them when you’re done using them to age your whiskey.

If you love aging your own whisky, you’ll find mini whiskey barrels so useful. Small whiskey barrels allow you to age your whiskey for as long as you want. This gives you the freedom to experiment with different flavors at your own leisure. If you’re in the market for the finest mini whiskey barrel, then you must get wooden barrels, preferably oak barrels that are made from pure American White Oak.

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