3 Reasons You Should Purchase Oak Aging Barrels As a Housewarming Gift

oak aging barrels

If your friends or family have recently bought a new home, you may need a housewarming gift to make this big step in their lives even more special. Whether they live in New York, California, Florida, or Louisiana, you can look to Kentucky as the birthplace of Bourbon that your loved ones will adore. 95% of the world’s supply of Bourbon is crafted in Kentucky, and you can give your friends the gift of smooth and tasty Kentucky bourbon in an oak aging barrel.

Here are three reasons you should purchase oak aging barrels as a housewarming gift.

Your Loved Ones Adore Spirits

Your friends or family members who’ve just bought a new home may be whiskey and bourbon lovers. In fact, they may have a room in their new home dedicated to storing their unique, aging spirits. If you choose to gift your loved ones oak aging barrels, they will be over the moon. Oak aging barrels give spirits an amazing smell and taste that you can’t quite find at the liquor store.

They Can Age Their Own Spirits

This gift would also give your loved ones the opportunity to age their own spirits. Many couples enjoy date nights at home with a home-cooked meal and a glass of bourbon, whiskey, or another fine spirit. By gifting your friends oak aging barrels, they can enjoy a drink whenever they’d like in the comfort of their new home. They can even purchase whiskey accessories to complete their new hobby.

You Can Personalize the Barrels

You can also personalize oak aging barrels for your loved ones. Have their last name(s) and perhaps the date they moved into their new home engraved. This gift can serve as a wonderful token of your friends’ new life together. They can display the small oak barrels in a common area in their home and show off the personalized barrel you so thoughtfully purchased for them.

Personalized whiskey barrels are a thoughtful and fun gift for friends or family who adore spirits and have an interest in aging their own. For all of your oak aging barrel needs, look to Red Head Oak Barrels. We have an assortment of barrels and other products you can choose from, such as make your own whiskey kits. Contact us when you’re ready to purchase the best housewarming gift!

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