3 Reasons to Gift Mini Barrels of Spirits


The state of Kentucky is the birthplace of bourbon. The state crafts over 95% percent of the world’s supply. The Bluegrass State also offers the perfect natural mix of conditions, limestone water, and climate, which are all vital components for the production of the world’s greatest bourbon. So, if you know a bourbon connoisseur, then why not give them mini barrels of fine Kentucky spirits? Let’s examine why mini barrels of spirits are the perfect gift.

The Flavor Comes From The Wood

Thanks to wood barrels that store spirits such as bourbon and whiskey, the flavor for the alcohol comes from the wood. Given such, alcohol stored in wooden barrels helps by slowly introducing oxygen to the spirit. Alcohol that is stored in barrels also helps to imbue the spirit with other natural flavors of the wood. Mini barrels of whiskey and bourbon will be enjoyed because each spirit will offer a distinctive taste that just can’t be achieved in a bottle.

Barrel-Aging Ethanol Content

Mini barrels of aged spirits are a great gift because the wooden barrels help to reduce the amount of Ethanol. This helps to give the spirit a smooth and lavish taste as opposed to a rubbing alcohol taste that can feel harsh on the palate.

Back in the day, small wooden barrels, as well as large ones, were used to house spirits due to the fact that they made transportation of alcohol much easier. They were also shatterproof, and their round shapes were ideal for rolling and storage. Soon, folks began to taste a difference in spirits that were housed in barrels. The aroma and the finishes of the alcohol were also better. Mini barrels of spirits given as a gift will have spirits that have an enhanced body and taste.


Another reason that mini barrels of aged whiskey or bourbon would make a great gift is due to their ability to be stored easily. Whenever your mini barrel recipient wants a delicious drink of aged whiskey or bourbon, all they have to do is head on over to the mini barrel and turn the spout. They won’t have to think about storage requirements. The barrel can be stored conveniently on a bar next to other spirits, wines, and liquors. They can also be placed in an upright position to make room for additional items.

Where Can You Purchase Mini Barrels For Gift-Giving?

For that special family member or that cherished friend who loves a great aged whiskey or bourbon, mini barrels of their favorite spirit can make the perfect gift. Thankfully, your Wylie, TX mini barrel distributor offers gift sets that are sure to please the bourbon and whiskey connoisseurs in your life.

In fact, we have small wooden barrels for sale that house perfectly-aged spirits. We also feature a wide selection of small oak whiskey barrels, mini whiskey barrels, and more.

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