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Red Head Oak Barrels sells hand made oak barrels specially designed for aging and mellowing rum, whiskey, bourbon, tequila, brandy and wine. i.e. Crown Royal will age to Crown Reserve in 14-15 days in one of the smaller 2 barrels.

Using our oak barrels, Crown Royal will age to Crown Reserve in 14-15 days in one of the smaller 2 barrels. It ages to Crown XR in 28-32 days; OR we have a way you can bootleg Crown and make it at home for $11 a fifth. You can do this with just about any Rum, Tequila, Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, etc. Including: Jack Daniels, Jameson, Captain Morgan, Canadian Club, Wild Turkey, Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, etc.. Don’t forget you can age wine too.

Steve Mayes Red Head Oak BarrelsAbout Steve Mayes

Hi I’m Steve. I live in North Texas (Dallas area) and have lived in Texas for about 22 years. I am originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Joined the Navy right out of high school and sailed all over the world and live all over the U.S. After being honorably discharged from the Navy in 1987 I lived in South Philly for about 5 years but couldn’t wait to get back down to the south’s warm weather. I have 2 grown daughters who are both married to servicemen with a total of 5 grand kids. I also have two high school daughters. Recently married to my sweetheart, Amie who is a red head like me (my mother and mother-in-law too). (hence the name Red Head Oak Barrels). She currently works for Hilton hotels which gives us opportunity to travel (which we both love to do). One day we will have our place on the beach somewhere in the world.

Hobbies: I am a runner. I have completed two marathons (Dallas Marathon and Louisiana Marathon) and quite a few half marathons. I will usually run about 30-40 miles a week. Running keeps me in shape and healthy. I also love motorcycles. I rode a sport bike for most of my adult life and recently traded it for a cruiser so Amie could join me comfortably on our rides.

My favorite drinks are all aged in oak barrels. (no surprise there).  I favor the taste of whiskey including Irish, Canadian, Kentucky Bourbon. Scotch, Cognac, Moonshine (aged in a barrel), Rum and Tequila are also resting in my barrels at home too. I wouldn’t say that I am much of a drinker. In other words I would rarely have more than 1 or 2 drinks at a time. I would rather just give my barrels a  taste every now and then and have some fun making my own unique flavors.

I really do love the art of aging in oak barrels. Please don’t hesitate to call or email anytime if I can offer any assistance.


Steve Mayes