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Handmade custom small oak barrels for aging that make great gifts or to display in your home. They are ideal for mellowing and aging liquors such as tequila, rum, whiskey, scotch, bourbon or wines. Another popular use is for making your own ciders and vinegars. Only your imagination can limit their use. You can indulge someone with such a great gift for bachelors, weddings, birthdays Father's Day, etc, or treat yourself to one for years of enjoyment.

Our Bootleg Whiskey / Liquor Kits will help you make your own flavored Canadian, Kentucky, Tennessee, or Irish Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Spiced Rums, Honey Whiskey, Brandy, Liqueur, Absinthe and more for about $11 a fifth.

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How to make your own whiskey in a Red Head Oak Barrel

Aging Liquor In Oak Barrels

Humans have been aging liquor in oak barrels for centuries. Oak also imparts new flavors into the spirit that gives the drink more body, flavor and smoothness.
Unique Corporate Gifts

Unique Corporate Gifts

The most unique of corporate gifts is an at-home oak barrel aging kit and a fine bottle of whiskey. The liquor will age inside the office over time and infuse a more complex and smoother flavor.
History of Aging Liquor in Barrels

The History Of Aging Spirits

Most of the flavorful impact oak barrels have on liquor was discovered by accident. It was a byproduct of shipping wine. The wine was loaded onto the ship in oak barrels and it just sat there
American Oak Barrels Matures Whiskey And Wine

Oak Barrels Add Distinct Taste To Liquors

The process of storing distilled spirits or wine in barrels for a certain length of time is called aging. It is done to add flavors from the wood of the American Oak Barrels, while eliminating any harsh taste.

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